PrimalDiet recovery; Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Before the PrimalDiet

[Before the Primal Diet] when I was 16 years old I went outside to wait for my school bus. I was cold, so I went to zip my jacket up. However, I wasn't able to do it. I wasn't able to put my fingers together to zip it up. That was the day I realized I had a problem. I had noticed times when my hand felt weak and stiff, but for some reason when I couldn't zip up my jacket it became clear that the problem was real. So I went home and told my mom about it and this began my 2 year journey with the medical profession. An EEG, among other tests, had determined I had nerve damage in my hand and arm.


I saw a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania during the last year or so and I received a diagnosis of ALS. They sent me to a psychiatrist who told me there was nothing more they could do for me. He said I looked smart, so why not go to school and just live my life, and forget about continuing to pursue a remedy to the problem, when a remedy did not exist. I proceeded to try various other alternative approaches, but nothing helped.

During this time period I was developing other symptoms such as profuse sweating (even when cold), aching in my legs (making it difficult to stand for long, or sleep soundly), and a "fogginess" or "cloudiness" making it difficult to think and/or concentrate. As time went on semi-paralysis began to set in on my other hand as well. Then one day I suddenly developed impotency. And I was just 21! Despair and loss of hope began to set in. I thought I was destined for paralysis to take over my body.  I had hit a low point with no solution in sight. I was depressed, anxious, angry, and antisocial.  

Primal Diet Recovery

I was going down hill fast until I was introduced to the Primal Diet. About a week after drinking and eating raw dairy and eggs my impotency issue suddenly became a non-issue. After 2 years of having this problem, suddenly I had regained functionality back. I was very happy as you could imagine. As I continued doing the Prima lDiet, the profuse sweating went away. The pain in my legs went away. The quality of my sleep was transformed - no more insomnia. Energy went way up - no more always feeling lethargic. My head cleared up - no more fogginess. I became emotionally more centered and grounded. I can go on and on..overall my health now is so profoundly different from where it used to be before starting the Primal Diet. So different that it makes me tear up (like now) when I think of it.

Thank You, Aajonus!

I owe so much to this man. Aajonus, changed the course of my life in such a dramatic way. I'd probably be dead now, or severely paralyzed. But instead my health continues to get better each day - I am a different person from who I used to be. Aajonus provided me the road map to take control of my health. I haven't taken medication or seen a dr (except once to make my wife happy one time :)) since I've been eating the Primal Diet the last 16 or 17 years.

Most people talk about how it "sucks" to get old - I can only speak to my experience up until now (I'm 40 yrs of age), but with each passing year living this lifestyle, I feel happier, more satisfied, more energy/vitality, sharper/clearer headed, etc. Life continues to get better on every level on this diet/lifestyle, and I anticipate it continuing to do so.

In summary, as you can see from the above, I cannot say enough about the Prima lDiet. It's profoundly changed my life for the better..such a blessing. Thank you, Aajonus...thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for giving me the information I needed to make a great life.

With deepest gratitude,  Blake

Note: We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and its companion book The Recipe for Living Without Disease give details the Primal Diet.

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  2. Hi I was diagnosed March 2017 but was running around from doctor to doctor before I finally get a result that I was free from MND ALS. Mine started on top and progressed into bottom I could walk very little but need assistance as I have no balance. It is sad all time that we thought this disease has no cure with all the technology we have while there re some formulas at there that can relief all symptoms and get this of ALS  . I’m passing this info to anyone at there because totalcureherbsfoundation com has the right cure and caregiver this disease ….I took various supplements, medicine prescribed by neurologist,massage and physiotherapy still the disease is was progressing very fast until the the ALS formula from that company .

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