Lime Juice for malaria

Here is an example of healing with  lime juice: I visit the island Palawan a lot in the Philippines and that is called the Island of Malaria. And they blame it on the mosquitos and stuff like that. It’s toxic food that they are giving them. They give them this toxic, toxic food and the city is giving it out because the government has been given to it by the United States and U.K., and they say ”Oh give this to your natives. Let them know we care about them.” And then you will feel, they will feel good about you because you are giving them something. And they give them awful foods that cause Malaria.

To show you an example of the fraud and the ease of Malaria when handled properly. I went to look at some land (in a remote Philippine Island) and a Chief, you know they didn’t speak English, they spoke Tagalog which is the common language in the Philippines, plus they had their native language there. So I had to go through two translators to get to English. I had to go from English to Tagalog, and Tagalog to Basiala. In that process it was time consuming, I arranged this for almost a month because this is a very remote area and I wanted to look at land and purchase some by making a Philippine Company.

The second in charge, the Second Chief they are called, met with me and he said I’m sorry I can’t take you to the land today, two of my daughters have Malaria and I have to take them to the hospital. That got translated to me and I said: You take them to the hospital and they have a 76 percent chance of dying. 76 percent of the people who go to a hospital for Malaria die. Only 24 percent that don’t go to a hospital die. So you have 50 percent chance more of dying in a hospital from Malaria.

The chief said you may be right. Five years ago I had two daughters that had Malaria. I took them to the hospital and they were dead in 24 hours. These little girls were in really bad shape. What do you suggest? They were told I was a doctor, not a common doctor. I was a natural doctor that would fit in with them. That’s why they were letting me see the land in the first place.

Very Easy: You take 2 oz. lime juice, 2 oz. honey, and you mix that with 6 oz of aged - the older coconut - the water out of the older coconut. Mix that together. You give them a Tablespoon every hour, as much as 2 Tablespoons. One was 3 years old and one was 5. So I said just give one, the older one might have 2 T, once in a while, but just give them 1 T an hour for three days, and then 2 T every two to three hours for another two to three days. So guess what? Kids got perfectly well in 5 days. [Aajonus breaks down in crying]. Those kids were really cute too!! I’m sorry (for crying). So they sold me land. I have some great land there. 

So don’t worry about the medical profession and all the scares that they give you.

Lime juice is a phenomenal agent. It blocks and surrounds toxins. It neutralizes them.

Lemon juice doesn’t. Lemon juice is a fermentor. It increases bacterial digestion basically. That’s why if you marinate lemon juice it will break down better. If you marinate in lime juice it doesn’t break down that way. It will break down but not in the same way. 

Lime juice to heal properly

So whenever I’ve been cut, or I‘ve got poisons in something, I put lime juice on the area. I lose hardly any white blood cells that way. I don’t go into pus. Pus is when the white blood cells are in there eating the damaged tissue and the poisons that are forming because you have an open wound. The white blood cells are sacrificing themselves. But to build white blood cells, it has to be done in the bone marrow but it is a timely, costly, nutrition-wise process.

The lime juice prevents the body from having to use all those white blood cells and lose them, so you don’t get all that weakness and problems. So you put lime juice on it and put a little coconut cream and honey on there to help it clean and put a piece of slab of raw meat over that and it will act as skin. (Honey before coconut cream).

I had a motorcycle accident that took all the skin off all here and down my leg and I put the lime juice on it, and this was asphalt and I had pieces of asphalt all over in there and I tried to clean it the best I could, picked them out and hurting and burning putting the lime juice on there but there still was plenty of tar and asphalt still on this arm and this leg. But I put the lime juice on. I put the honey and coconut cream and meat (raw} on top of that.

Do you see one scar there? Actually took part of the bone away and half of the (not clear) but I have a little bit of a scar right here because it took so much off, even took half of this bone away, but you see it is all grown back. So I had a tiny scar, a little tiny scar here and all of the skin was gone even the muscles gone from here down and all around here.

So that’s what can happen if you know what to do. You don’t need to go to a doctor that is going to put poison on your wound. Methylate, mercurochrome (liquid mercury), iodine - it’s a poison, it’s a caustic poison. Of course it is going to kill bacteria. But your idea is not to kill bacteria. It’s to make sure you heal properly. And anything that is foreign in there is surrounded and controlled. And lime juice does that. Remember, only lime juice not lemon juice. Lime juice does it. 

This has been excerpted from Primal Diet workshop on April 25, 2010, in Chicago.  To listen to the entire workshop and others like it and Q&A sessions, interviews, etc. obtain Aajonus - Collected Audio Recordings.  

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