Exercise; the Good, Bad and Beautiful

by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, nutritionist

Many people think that because I do not exercise, I am against exercise. Contrarily, I am an avid advocate of activity and exercise. I do not exercise because my body does not produce the many hormones that require me to be active. Most people produce hormones that must be utilized by activity, including exercise. Usually, I can gauge an individual’s activity level by the number of activity rings in her/his irises.

The more activity rings that a person has, the more active, including exercise, s/he must be. Usually, 1 activity ring equals one hour of activity or ½ hour of exercise daily. Among iridologists, those activity rings are commonly called “stress rings”. Usually, I call them “worry circles”. I call them worry circles to remind people that if they are not active enough, they will utilize those hormones in anxiety, worrying about anything or everything. There are two doors from which to choose: Activity or Anxiety. Which do you choose?

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