Aajonus: Easy Access to Good Food

Aajonus wanted us to have easy access and unlimited say-so

regarding our food sources and farming methods.

Do we have that ease and that say-so yet?

  • A warning came recently when Amos Miller’s farm came under attack.
  • We have been alerted to the fact that forces with huge amounts of money are buying up farms one by one across the USA. The intention is to create and enforce production and consumption of “MEATLESS MEAT”.
  • Without Aajonus, we have no ‘spokesperson’ to defend our lifestyle. We need to speak for ourselves, individually and as a group or as some say ‘a movement’. We are far from that degree of control now. Do we even know who we are? Do you know your nearest person or family on a raw diet?

What can I do now?

Each one of us can use the forum on the PrimalDiet.net website to know each other and get familiar with who we are, where we are and who are the farmers and producers who will stick with us. See the bottom of this page for more info.

How peaceful and productive life can be

Consider for a moment how peaceful and productive life can be when we have

  • dependable and protected sources of food produced within Aajonus’s guidelines
  • connection with local members of our greater team
  • our voice being heard with immediate support whenever there is a threat.

We do have some resources already:

  • There are some co-operative food buying clubs.
  • The food producers and distributors are listed on the Primal Diet Raw Foods List. Each source is initially verified before being put on this list.
  • A forum exists for subscribers on the PrimalDiet.net website. It is free from outside ‘invaders’ and works as well as we make it work.
  • What Can I Do Now to Make This Work?

  • Log in here today –  take a moment right now - with your user name and password.
  • Go to the Welcome page [https://www.primaldiet.net/welcome/]
  • Click on the access link to the forum (or use the Member Content drop-down menu)
  • post something from yourself. You can add to it later if you like. (90% of success in life is just showing up, according to Woody Allen).


More info:

Go to the forum. You will see 4 columns.

1) Singles wanting to find singles

2) parents wanting to support each other raising children on the diet

3) members looking to form PD land and farm-based communities.

4) General Announcements.

These columns can be accessed by region so if a PD wants to find other PD moms in Georgia, she could just go to Families-Georgia and post "Hey, I'm looking to connect with other PD parents in my area. Anyone out there? email me at xxx@xxx.com and lets meet up." Please check this function out on the website. If you toggle over "Member Content" you will see "Forum" at the bottom and click on this.

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