We Want To Live: The Primal Diet (Hard Copy)

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The sizzling entrance to a new world of health containing two volumes in the same book: Volume One “Out of the Grips of Disease and Death” (the story – click here to view the first five chapters ) and Volume Two “Healthfully” (the facts).

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We Want To Live: the Primal Diet is back in print!!!  At the original price!!!

Life- and health-restoring action documented by the author; the first five chapters are free!

The story – read the first five chapters here: as laid out in the printed book, alternate version for easier on-screen reading

Read this story of courage and commitment to life that goes beyond reversing the effects of his son Jeff's 'fatal' automobile accident. If you order the hard copy book, you can start with Chapters One through Five above while the book is being shipped.

In the same book find more than a thousand remedies for over 200 diseases!

"Revolutionary! This is an exciting book. An important book."
- Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D., author of The Atkins Diet
New York City

"Aajonus is creating some of the most important knowledge in the Healing Arts today."
- Dr. John Finnegan, N.D., author of The Facts About Fats; and, Recovery From Addiction

"I read it immediately - all in one go. I found it fascinating. I was very much moved by your honesty and your absolute dedication to finding answers...many, many peoples lives it will empower."
- Leslie Kenton, author of The New Raw Energy; Ageless Ageing; Endless Energy; and, Ultrahealth - United Kingdom

Fascinating, unbelievably believable...clear that this story is true...compassion, suspense, even romance. Most people could easily read [We Want To Live]. It's not too technical and it's an exciting story. I found myself saying I can truly relate to this, to that. Aajonus' words flow easily...style is excellent - the conversation, the flashbacks. It's time people were more aware of health issues. The remedies are one of themost exciting natural health paradigms to surface this century. The author offers hope and guidlines for bodily rejuvenation."
- Dr. Elizabeth Anne Duffy, Ph.D.

''The story is gripping... dramatic...

...a complex tapestry of life...an odyssey of American byways and the esoteric paths of nutritional exploration...lucidly written."
-Debra Denker - The World Times

"...an endearing and humblehumble narrator on such a journey. I was riveted. I am reminded of...most every new-age remedy book I've ever seen - all rolled into one."
-Kirt Nieft, Internet

"What a fascinating guy! Absolutely the kind of information...you need...so that you gain control over your health."
-Steve Monkevich, WJML, Michigan

''You must order this book.

"...an impressive addition to any health and medicine reference book collection."
-Wisconsin Bookwatch

3 reviews for We Want To Live: The Primal Diet (Hard Copy)

  1. Kyle Obermeier

    Equally as good as good in its own right as the recipe for living without disease book (for the remedies mostly).
    Overall incredible book, this guy is a captivating writer that has probably lived a far more interesting life than you.
    You know what ignore that last part, its way worth buying though regardless.

  2. Matt

    When will it be back in stock?

  3. admin

    …This isn’t just about having disease and trying to heal, this is about being healthy and getting healthier. Marvelous!”
    -Scott Cluthe, KENR, Houston

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