Emphysema Recovery: Raw Eggs

Late stage emphysema
I have people eating all the way up to 33 eggs a day. Raw. Let me give you an example. In January, an MD called me from Massachusetts, and she said `I read your book about 5 months ago. And..... I think it's a fascinating book, and I'm ready to try something. I have a patient who is emphysemic.' And I'm saying to myself, `oh, here it goes.' `I've got a patient who's emphysemic, she was diagnosed 4 years ago. She's been bedridden for 2 years, she's 72 years old, she's on a respiratory system, she's going to die probably in the next 2 days, is there anything I can do?'

Raw egg suggestion
I said `you're calling me a little late, aren't you?' She said `well, you know I'm an MD, I have a protocol, I have my license, I have a family, I can't take a risk.' I said `well, that's your conscience. But the only thing I can suggest for you from my experience is that you get her 16 dozen eggs, free range, do not refrigerate them, you put them by her bed, and you tell her to eat as many as she can eat rocky-style, do not whip them. Break them in a glass, or stick a hole in each end and suck them out or just swallow them down.' She says `well I don't know if she's gonna do that.' And I said `that's the only thing that I even remotely think could help her in that stage.'

Patient out of bed now
This was on a Friday. On Monday morning, the woman calls me herself. She says `Hi, I is this Aajonus? (raspy voice)' And I said `yes,' she says `this is Mary Jones from Massachusets, and I want to thank you, I'm out of bed for the first time in 2 years.' She was out of bed for the first time in 2 years, from eating...guess how many eggs she ate? 66 eggs in 2 days. 33 eggs a day.

Ha ha ha. We both were crying. Because it didn't make her well, but it gave her what she needed to start recovering. She says `I'll eat anything you want me to eat.' I said `okay, here's what I want you to eat.' And I told her, lots of meat and eggs, and milk if she could get it. That's all I wanted her to eat. And that's what she ate. She's alive today, and she's still able to be on her own. She's not well, she's not over the emphysema, that'll take years and years, but at least she's on the road to recovery.

Question: Why not blend the eggs?
I have a client - another one in Massachusetts - who is a very wealthy, influential woman on the diet. I was telling her to eat the raw eggs, and she has a scientist friend who is a very elderly doctor and is around 80. And he's done all this research and he said 'that is true; people should eat raw eggs, why didn't I think about it? We found enzymes and protein in a raw egg white that are destroyed by oxygen, and we've been trying to figure out how to...and it dissolves cancer. Cancer cannot live in an environment with these enzymes and proteins'.

So if you just eat the egg without whipping it, it won't be destroyed by the oxygen. If you blend it with cream or milk or something like that, that'll prevent it from oxidizing. But when you have it alone, you should not whip it.

Question: What does refrigeration do?
Refrigeration will destroy the enzymes and protein responses; the longer it's refrigerated, the more it's destroyed. And if you take it out, in room temperature, it'll start building up again.

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