Aajonus – Proof

Aajonus is covered in Wikipedia.

The line "He claimed hospital diagnosis of cancer soon ruled terminal" needs to be updated.

Please see for yourself the letter from Ellis Dresner, M.D. dated December 19, 1968 wherein Dr. Dresner states:

"Dear Mr. John Richard Swigart,

"Dr. Goldberg has brought to my attention that you have ceased chemotherapy treatments. As you well understand in cases of Multiple Myel9ma (cancer of blood and bone), no other treatment exists. As my colleagues and I have informed you U.C.L.A. Medical Center, the survival rate with advanced Multiple Myeloma, as in your case, without continued treatment is three months to one year.

"If you change your mind, we will be pleased to resume your therapy. We simply hope it will not be too late. Thank you for allowing us to help you as much as we were able.

Very best regards,

Dr. Ellis Dresner"

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