Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ Best Kept Secret

Hello! I am welcoming you to learn about Aajonus’s Best Kept Secret.

Today we have a panel of people who have some things in common.

First , they are good people to know. Great people to know!

Second, they have each read Aajonus’s two books – We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and The Recipe for Living Without Disease – and have been getting going on the Primal Diet (TM).

The thing is that Aajonus continued his research beyond the publication of his books. He discovered some important things in the years between 2002, when The Recipe for Living Without Disease first came out and mid-2013.

How do we find out what he discovered? What about questions and health challenges we are running into that were not mentioned in the books yet? We are going to address this by having each person in today’s panel ask their question. We will see what we can find that Aajonus said about that.

This is possible because of the large collection of data – the lectures, Q&As, Primal Diet Workshops, and more… that is available to subscribers on the PrimalDiet.net website.

Let’s begin!

Hello, Marsha! [Marsha Burack]

Hello, Jim!

We are getting together right now to discuss the way we used Aajonus’s Best Kept Secret yesterday: The Search Box in the PrimalDiet.net website.

So, I am going to let people know that you are kind of early on – running full steam ahead – on the Primal Diet. And that this is an exercise that you will be able to use as a subscriber and just find things out for yourself. Today we are going to talk about what we did yesterday….

Marsha: about searching for something. Once you are a member on the site takes you to the ability to search for exactly what you want to know.

Jim: Exactly. And your concern - in my own words, or maybe you would rather state what it was, yourself.

Marsha: my concern at the time was kind of having a cycle – and what I was most concerned about was meat so in my search, I put in quotes “meat meals”. I was interested in the cycle. Now, I could have done more. That is what I did at the time.

Jim: Yeah! I am sure you will do more. So, why don’t you go ahead and tell us the process.

Marsha: Then I got excerpts, very small, from different places where Aajonus had written. I wanted to be more detailed so I clicked on a document then I did “Control F” and you come up with a little white box on your upper right and then again I typed in meat meals – It didn’t seem like I need the quotes. And that took me to a place in the document where I could read about it. And it was SO GOOD – Jim, you didn’t know this but when I did it myself, I found the exact same page.

Jim: That’s my girl! All right!

Marsha: That is really great because you can look for anything! He wrote a lot and he liked writing a lot. He wanted everybody to really understand his work and so there is a lot of information there.

Jim: All right. Let’s run through that for the viewers here. The first thing is to get to the search

Marsha: Do you want to go first to where they subscribe?

Jim: We are subscribed and they are going to look through our eyes. We’ve got the user name and the password so we are in. It gave us quotes because it is two or more words “meat meal”. Let’s see what comes up.

OK. I don’t think that’s the docucment we were in.

Marsha: No, we got a lot more than that last time. Why don’t you put “meat meals”.

Jim: I think that will go the opposite direction.

Marsha: That is what I did.

Jim: This by the way is the whole book: Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese. It is a special preview bonus for somebody who is in the password-protected part of the site. We’ll go down to the next…

Marsha: Yeah, there are things… All those you could click on and read more.

Jim: Absolutely. Oh, boy! June 22nd, 2013! That is a crowning achievement to have transcribed that. I was part of that. Boy! It is 6 hours long and full of data. Just the last Primal Diet Workshop Aajonus gave. He really told a lot in there. Just FYI, if you want to read a whole transcript, top to bottom, that would be the one.

Let’s go into that a little bit. OK, so now the ‘control F’ for ‘find’. Meat meal. OK, forget that one [entry]. … Ten minutes after a meat meal… twenty minutes after a meat meal..

Marsha: There was just a lot of good information in there. There is probably a lot more but I got stuck on that page.

Jim: One thing that I thought was a pretty good ‘take home’ was – when you asked the question in the first place, you were concerned that you would have trouble digesting a large meat meal.

Marsha: Right, right.

Jim: We found a place – it seemed like Aajonus was listening to you because he said, for somebody in that circumstance you could split it into two or three meat meals throughout the day.

Marsha: He also said that if you want to digest well – especially since I am a thin person – to do the lube formula with it. So, he had the lube formula and it was a lot of butter and eggs. And I thought ‘ Oh, my God, I can’t even eat a little butter. And I ate that and it was SO good! It was unbelievable, really.

Jim: Wow! OK, we are doing it! “Look, Ma, no hands!” You are doing it. I don’t think we are going to go farther with this but you know how it works.

Marsha: Thank you, Jim.

Jim: Why, certainly! That is all we are going to do today, but you and I will be in touch.

Marsha: Thanks a lot. Bye bye.

Jim: Bye.


Bradley Jordan

Jim: Hey, Brad! Jim Ellingson here. We met online basically through the PrimalDiet.net website.

We are going to talk a bit here. How did you find out about Aajonus in the first place?

Brad: I think that one of my health food friends turned me onto him here. We were talking about the keto diet and

the Primal Diet. He said the real Primal Diet is non-cooked meat.

Jim: Hmm. Then you got the book somehow. Was it through me at the PrimalDiet.net ?

Brad: Yep. I got the book through you.

Jim: How long ago? How long have you been working on this?

Brad: It probably would be like the raw meat to the cooked meat about 50/50. So I haven’t really gone in all the way yet. I don’t know how people can eat… It’s hard for me to eat even one pound of raw meat. But in the book it says to eat up to three pounds of raw meat a day. It seems like a lot.

Jim: He managed to think large scale, I will tell you. I had that same thing, really, truly. Wow! A lot of people that are going to be doing this are going to be in the same position as you. It is kind of interesting that you are edging into it.

Did you have a particular challenge that you were facing when you started?

Brad: Oh, yeah. Ever since the very beginning of covid, I have had this busy feeling under my hands. And sometimes I get an electrical shock as well. I can feel it in the back of my head sometimes. It is mainly in my hands that I get this [fizzing?] sensation and sometimes like an electrical poke. It is weird. I guess it seems like nerve damage to some degree.

Jim: And that is before you had anything to do with the Primal Diet?

Brad: Oh yeah. And in the book, if you need [a remedy] like in nerve damage, you want to eat more white raw meat – poultry and fowl and fish, I think.

Jim: Yeah, I have a little bit of insight myself in that, on a persona consultation with Aajonus. And believe it or not, rotten eggs enable - this is in my own words – basically to feed the brain, which is not easy to do otherwise. He mentions raw cream in some places, but the real case-cracking in that avenue and the trouble with me – I don’t know how it is with you but I have a hard time planning 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time.

Brad: Yeah!

Jim: … is right now, you know. But with the rotten eggs… We are going to do some searches and we can search that but you gotta crack it a little bit. Get good eggs and just tap around with the outside part of the spoon until a little bit of a crack appears and then that is all you want. And you stash that some place where it is not going to get hot. He says go out and bury it in the yard but that is a little extreme for me. I just let it sit for three weeks or more and then… I am going to give you search access for a month after our talk so you can search the daylights out of this and see what you find. The kind of rotten egg you are after is kind of black and foul looking. But there will be some that aren’t quite that black and aren’t quite that fowl but they are still good to eat. But it is not served at your favorite restaurant. Home made, to the max.

Brad: [chuckles] Oh yeah, I bet.

Jim: So, note that n and now I think we are going to do a search for stabbing pain. You have had this at different times in different parts of the body – right?

BradL Yeah! I do mainly feel it in my hands but I do feel it in other parts of my body from time to time.

Jim: OK so we will search “stabbing pain” to see where we get. [We are logged in with our user name and password then type in “stabbing pain” in the search box.] OK, so you see how the search works? We have arrived at “stabbing pain” and now we are going to get into the document. [We click on ‘search more’ below the paragraph that is displayed.]

Here we go. Questions and answers July 20th, 2008 in San Diego, California. Somebody in the audience says ‘Are we all present?’. Oh, Aajonus says ‘Are we all present?’so he says ‘OK, I am just going to talk a little about vinegar. Vinegar is a solvent. It does not remove toxic substances, even warts, growths and moles. … All the way down… So he is talking about tumors now. Oh, wait a minute, is this the right one? No, this is not the right one I am looking at.

Jim to assistant: Is this stabbing pain? Assistant says yes.

Jim: Stabbing pain is on the acid ts too much acid, uric acid. Stabbing pain is kind of a forerunner of gout. So when you get into your search, you can search for gout and he has got a lot to say about that.

That is the main crux of what I wanted to say.

I am going to ask my assistant here if we can do command F to see if it is in this document.

OK : [quoted directly from Q&A of June 20, 2008; G stands for ‘group’ or the person within the grouup that is speaking with Aajonus]:

G: I’ve been getting stabbing pains in my left foot – hard. What’s that about?

A: It’s crystals.

G: Oh. Gout?

A: Yeah.

G: Uric acid?

A: Yep. Uric acid build-ups; could be lactic acid build-ups – any of that. Whey and vinegar help get rid of it. And what you could do is mix about four tbsp. coconut cream with about one and a half tsp. vinegar. Mix that together, let it sit for about an hour and then rub it in to your foot [or in your case, your hand.]

G: I remember one time I sprayed the vinegar on and it was really good. You know, in a spray bottle?

A: Yeah, since I’ve been experimenting with it and creating hardened tumors, I’ve found that too much of it can cause heavy dryness and dead cells.  It  damages the area.

G: And how would you work with the whey?

A: Just drink that.

G: Just drink it?

A: Hmm-mm.

G: Oh, I just put it in with my green juice twice a day – morning and evening.

A: That’s fine.”

Brad: Oh, I can just put it in my green juice, morning and evening.

Jim: So there you go, see.

Jim to Brad: Have you been juicing at all? Do you have access to vegetable juice?

Brad: Yeah. I have actually been doing the green juice. I usually do celery and a bunch of parsley and cilantro and maybe some squash.

Jim: OK! Sounds great. So you can read this document. You are going to have access to it. And you can put it in your juice twice a day – morning and evening. How much juice do you drink in a day, usually?

Brad: Well, today I had two glasses. And I actually made some raw unheated butter so I took that with it.

Jim: Good deal!

Brad: … and an egg yolk with the second one.

Jim: Good deal! Yeah, OK. So, it is over to you now. Make use of your search.


Jim: Hi, Tyler!

Tyler: Hi, Jim!

Jim: You have been on the diet now for a while, right?

Tyler: Yeah, for about two years and I did about two years back when I was in college as well.

Jim: Oh. OK. So you got a good feel for it. The point of what we are going to be talking about today is A1 major topic you might ask Aajonus about. So over a couple of years, you have probably experienced a couple of detoxes, rough spots, whatever. Let me ask you, do you take the baths by any chance, the lymphatic baths?

Tyler: Yeah, yeah. I take them, just not religiously. Maybe one or two a week.

Jim: Yeah, OK. Good. That, to me, is a good thing. It is one of the things he put in the first book and I, personally, just turned the page and said ‘very interesting” and I didn’t come anywhere near doing it for years. To me, it makes a big difference.

All right. Lets get down to it. Are there areas of health concerns that you would ask Aajonus about?

Tyler: Yeah. Personally, I have had lung issues most of my life, being born with asthma and then having allergies that affected that. I have seen some specific recipes for it but I would be curious if he had kind of a routine that he would recommend for helping the lungs improve over time.

Jim: That is a really good question. So we are going to look in the password-protected part of the PrimalDiet.net website and see what we see.

Tyler: Cool.

Jim: Searching for lung is kind of a broad-shoot but I don’t know how other to zero in on it. You can look up asthma and look up all that stuff – all right? Now we are just going to search ‘lung”.

Tyler: Oh, good!

Jim: The first thing you see is the front page here, then you are going to get a user name and a password. And then you can use the search! So we will just cut straight to the search, put in lung and see the results we got were right there. We will pass on the first one. He is talking about black lung. We don’t have that. Pass on that next one. … Primal Diet Workshop. Now these are longer and include some Q&A with people. So, let’s take a look in that one. Primal Diet Workshop May 6, 2000. And you can revisit that one with your own user name and password and really roll around with it and have a good time. So lets look for lung here and see what comes up.

Do you use a PC or a Mac?

Tyler: A Mac.

Jim: OK, then it is ‘option F’ (for find) and it will take you right to the place where it is.

OK, we will pass on that. He is talking about organ meats in general “now for your bronchials and your lungs, it looks like you have some scar tissue”.

So that is pretty possible. You mentioned that for your whole life that has been going on, so that is right for you. So, let’s zoom down a bit further. So, he is recommending eating lungs. I think you can get lung from your Amish source. And he [Aajonus] has developed a sauce for this, believe it or not. You can look at this at your leisure but it says “a salsa with cherry tomatoes. Take 5 cherry tomatoes, one little sliver section of red onion, about 1" by 0.25", 1/4 tsp vinegar, blend that together, and then I'll take 1tsp of that and put it with liver or lungs or anything, 1/2 cup each, milk, gland, and 1tsp of that salsa, and just a little bit of garlic, a little sliver of garlic in that, blend that and the salsa, take a tsp of the salsa and put that in with the milk and the glands, and blend that together, it tastes like an incredible soup.

[FYI Aajonus continues “And that's an easy way to eat glandular tissue. If you have a particular glandular problem and you need to bring the gland back quicker, good fresh gland will get it back. It's the only thing I found that helps the glands grow back quickly, or the same glands that you're having a problem with.”]

So, there you go, man! That is how to make a lung taste good.

Tyler: OK, nice!

Jim: Yeah! That doesn’t mean you have it all the time at every meal but it is there as a resource and there’s plenty more in that same document.

Oh, let’s take a look for ‘orange’.. He recommends orange. I don know if you have it there at Countrywide but here in Los Angeles, there used to be a place called ‘Orange Julius”. Have you ever heard of that?

Tyler: Yeah.

Jim: Somebody cut them out of the picture. I don’t know why but basically it is orange juice and raw egg. It is great! Let’s try ‘orange’. … orange juice… OK, so you look for orange julius in the same document. It tells how to make it. It is real simple.

So, I am going to leave it over to you to follow through and just have a blast getting everything he is talking about. But it sounds like it is the kind of thing you are looking for.

Tyler: Yeah, I think so. Definitely long term health. Eating lungs will be the best way to regenerate. There are other ways to detox, but it sounds like the lungs is going to be the long term fix.

Jim: Yeah! And once you see what it is like, you could figure out how often and how to fit it into your daily schedule and all that sort of thing.

Tyler: Cool.

Jim: … nice to meet you. Let’s DO IT! 

Jim (to the viewer): So you see, you can ask Aajonus directly by means of the search facility on the website, once you have access. The entire password-protected part of the PrimalDiet.net is there, waiting for you to access it. YOU!

Between now and the tenth of December, but do it now for your own benefit. You may use the coupon code ‘first’ – that is just the word, no punctuation – to gain access, for more than a third off the normal price: for $14.95. That is access for you for one month. If any difficulty, my contact info is at the ‘contact us’ at PrimalDiet.net. So – over to you! We will see you.

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  1. For Bradley Jordan: “nerve damage in hands” If you don’t have a rotten egg on hand, Aajonus recommends mixing coconut cream with honey and rubbing that into hands. In addition, eat 1/2 chicken – 1/2 fish w/ cream for meat meals. This was from an interview with Patrick Timpone. I asked Patrick to put the 4 interviews on youTube but he just didn’t get around to it.

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