The Recipe for Living Without Disease (Hard Copy)

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Aajonus gives details of how to eat the raw primal diet. Versions of the raw food diet menu are clearly laid out. The raw diet recipes include delicious raw food smoothies and raw meat recipes and of course raw desserts.

This is the raw food meal plan giving all the benefits of the raw food diet.

In The Recipe for Living Without Disease, Aajonus updates us with his research since his first book.

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Four volumes in one book, announcing the secrets uncovered in years of research of health and reversing disease:

Volume One discusses what health IS, where diseases and toxicity come from and what is safe and natural for human digestion.

Volume Two resolves the "taste vs health" conflict with 143 delicious recipes that have improved health and reversed diseases among thousands of people. Weight loss diet recommendations are included.

Volume Three explains in understandable terms our digestive abilities and what digests best, the effects of cooking and processing, the dangers of nutritional supplements and the myths of cholesterol concerns.

Volume Four tells the ignored facts about why diseases are so prominent today and how we can reverse it once we learn the causes.

Imagine having the full benefit of the decades of research ...

You'll be shown how to:

  • purchase high quality fresh foods, rich in enzymes and natural vitamins
  • recognize how foods are processed
  • live each day looking forward to your next meal (instead of trying all day to digest the last one).
  • see how it all works; discover the amazing facts of the body that enable us to achieve optimum states of health
  • make healthful delicacies such as French Vanilla ice cream, Mint Fudge Parfait or Hollandaise Sauce without any of the many toxins of fattening conventional preparations.
  • create definitive meal plans
  • combine foods in simple, easy ways with very few restrictions
  • prepare recipes for one person or many
  • understand the truth vs the myth of bacteria with scientific references

2 reviews for The Recipe for Living Without Disease (Hard Copy)

  1. Marilyn B.

    I recommend you read the Recipe for Living Without Disease.

    This second book written by Aajonus has more specific references to medical sources for his opinion or information. He also had several treatises on bacteria and their benefits, as well as a number of other subjects. There are sections on different foods and their benefits, as well as two menu suggestions. And, of course, a lot of recipes.

    I think you could get some good information from it. It is similar to the middle section of the We Want to Live book, where he talks about truly raw and what that is, and about cooked vegetables and how they can affect you, and why. Each color of vegetable, red, yellow, green, when cooked can cause certain symptoms in people who cannot digest them properly (many or most of us!).

    Honey should not be heated above 93 degrees. Anything else that is warmed up should be warmed in a hot water bath off of a heating element in which you can keep your hand immersed for a full four seconds.

    Try making a sauce you like with tomatoes, uncooked, blended, to mix with some uncooked meat, and just try it. Or something else as a sauce, like honey mustard (from the Amish). Sauces made with fresh herbs can supply a lot of good minerals and phyto chemicals that are good for our bodies.

    I like onions and butter with ground bison. Ideally you can blend your onions in a tiny bit of water, and warm it up, just warm enough to melt butter. You then put the butter in. If you have let the butter and meat reach room temperature first, it should be enough heat left to still have a warm meal.

    — Marilyn B. Tujunga, California

  2. Kyle Obermeier

    Best book EVER, even more important than we want to live.
    Don’t be a scrub, Buy if you take your life seriously.

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