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Quote from Aajonus: “I have a new constipation formula because I have had some really hard cases. These cases are so difficult that if I can find something that works for them, then it works for everybody. “

What is his new formula?

Page 57

What specific food can you add to eggs, dates and other things that otherwise might cause constipation?

page 66


What does Aajonus say “Never EVER EVER” have with meat and cheese?

Quote from Aajonus: “...that stuff will sit in your stomach for quite a while - at least 40-50 minutes, and usually meat and cheese should be gone out of the stomach in 20 minutes”.

Page 12

With what do you blend water to get ion activity in order to get nutrients to your cells?

[Note: the subject of water is often controversial. This is the only place I know of where Aajonus speaks of water in a positive way.]

page 12

Fresh grapefruit juice gave me sharp pains. What happened and what is Aajonus’s remedy?Page 30

What one food is “the most digestible fat and protein on this planet”?

Page 30

What food enables your body to “get all these rich nutrients without having to labor in digestion “?

page 30

What is “not a good idea” to have with fruit because you are not going to digest either very well?

Page 31

Can you just eat egg yolk by itself? Why is that or isn’t that a good idea? page 32


What “acts as a magnet as it goes through?” What “starts in the mouth with your blood stream, your neurological system and your lymph system” then “moves throughout the entire intestinal wall and digestive tract walls. ... and will draw poisons out of those three fluid systems”.

Page 36


What is “your best mineral supplement”?

Page 35


What pain formula is Aajonus talking about here: “If you're having pain, ... this pain formula are your best bet. It doesn't work in some cases like migraines, but it works in joint and tooth problems, bruises, knee injuries, any kind of injury. It does not work more than 50% with headaches. And with the cluster headaches, it still only works maybe 30%. But in every other case, it works anywhere from 60-90%. It will mitigate the pain.”?

Page 89

What combination of foods “will improve the pain relief by about 20-40%”?

Page 89

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