Aajonus – What Actually Happened ?

There have been questions over the five years since Aajonus left us, such as was Aajonus's death an accident?  Was he murdered? Was there a conspiracy or misrepresentation?

To address these questions, a short video footage is being presented, featuring the individuals who went to Thailand – to the hospital in Bangkok and to Aajonus’s residence/farm in a remote region - to put these matters to rest.

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6 thoughts to “Aajonus – What Actually Happened ?”

  1. I met Ajonus twice when he was in Australia. At the end of my second consultation, I asked him,” What have you done to protect yourself from those who would like to see you gone, mate”. he put his arms around me and said: “don’t worry about me, I am ok, thank you for understanding, and for caring.” To this day I still feel the loss. David.

    1. Yes he definitely left a vacuum in many peoples lives. The morning he left here after his last workshop for us here in Rockhampton(Qld) he said his goodbyes to me, and he then gave me the biggest, warmest hug. It became more significant to me when I heard of his death a few months later. Maybe he knew it was the last time.(?) Hard to know.

    2. Aajonus was in Rockhampton!!!

      Unbelievable. I’ve only just discovered the man and now find out that he was an hour’s drive away at one point in time.

      { :´(

  2. Thanks so much.
    I’m sad he’s gone but glad to hear the clarity of these words. Bless you for
    continuing to make his teaching legacy available to us,

  3. This pair are very philosophical about it all aren’t they!?

    As for them saying that no-one would have been able to find him at that location, well that’s just rubbish. If we are to speculate about who (which organisations etc.) opposed what Aajonus was doing, we can certainly assert that they would most likely be very well resourced and finding Aujonus would have been well within their power. Indeed, an isolated location could certainly work to their advantage.

    Obviously this could have been a terrible accident, but ultimately the testimony from these two is basically useless.

    This biggest disappointment of this video is that there is no footage of the location of the alleged ‘accident’.

  4. The accident certainly seems confirmed, but the big unanswered question for me after watching this is, “What killed him?” “Why did he all of a sudden go from being conscious and lucid into a coma and then death?” I’m very surprised that this wasn’t addressed in the video, because this is precisely the kind of thing that makes you wonder about undiscovered foul play.

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