Aajonus Speaks About Essential Oils

Question. How about essential oils?

Aajonus: I think they are very toxic and very dangerous. The average person out there is eating very bad oils that are processed at very high temperatures. So if you are using Young’s Oils, they are distilled at 270 degrees. That’s lower than any other oil, so it’s better oil for the person that doesn’t get good oil, but it is still not a good oil because once an oil is distilled, a cell does not have a choice to absorb it or not. It penetrates the cell. So the cell has no option. And it destroys and damages lungs and mucus membranes, all kinds of things. And you see the people I see who use those essential oils a lot are ultra sensitive to everything. They become very sensitive and irritable. They become very irritable people. 

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    1. Hello, Graham! Aajonus had a LOT to say about olive oil. This may be an excellent topic for posting on the site, or if you want to see even more or sooner, use the one month option as I mentioned.
      I will just give one little quote here however I do suggest you use the index in your We Want To Live book and your Recipe for Living Without Disease book to establish what he is talking about in various Q&As and Primal Diet Workshops. He assumes anyone asking questions in a Q&A or workshop is reviewing the books regularly.
      “The olive oils that I have been using have been either stone-pressed 
      or cold-pressed below 80° Fahrenheit. I do not know if the virtues that 
      I have stated throughout the remedy section would diminish if the olive 
      oils were cold-pressed above 80° Fahrenheit yet below 96° Fahrenheit. 
      I do know that the virtues diminish if heated above 96° Fahrenheit. 
      This oil cleanses blood and vitalizes lungs, softens and then dissolves 
      scar tissue. Eating citrus fruit or tomato with or immediately after olive 
      oil helps digest olive oil.”

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