Remembering Aajonus

Last week marked the first anniversary of Aajonus Vonderplanitz death.  A sudden, accidental fall from his balcony left a void for me personally, as Aajonus was my friend and mentor, and in the nutritional field he devoted his life to.

When the Optimal Ways of Living and Right to Choose Healthy Food Trusts were passed on to me, it gave me pause to consider the importance of this work.  There have been challenges and setbacks along the way this last year, but our team and our resolve has grown.

I want to share the purpose of Optimal Ways of Living, Trust, as expressed by Aajonus.

Purpose of Trust

The purpose of this trust shall be working to heal people to further world peace. Since all animals, including humans are subjected to their bodies’ conditions, lack of being and feeling safe and happy results from ill health. This central foundational insecurity that results from poor healthy has grave repercussions. It creates a large percentage of the fear and frustration stimulating irritability, greed, hostility and inharmonious decisions. OWL pursues its lofty goal by making information available about the ways and means to reverse disease, rejuvenate health and prevent disease through diet. The basis for this hope was inspired by the extraordinary healing results from twenty-eight years experimentation, research and practical application of food and food combinations on thousands of diseased people by our [now deceased] Managing Director/Trustee/Nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Ongoing plans to facilitate the goal include continuing research and experimentation with food as it affects health, and publishing this pertinent information. Because food quality depends upon the health of soil and bodies in which food grows, agricultural experimentation is part   of our itinerary. OWL will publish, acquire land and create clinical spas that further develop health-promoting knowledge. OWL will solicit donations and engage in ecologically safe enterprise to fund its needs and goals.


He embraced us and his purpose, as stated above, and hoped he could make a difference in the world. He has.

Now it is up to each of us to help preserve his legacy as it was, and not let it be changed, distorted nor diminished. It is truly a healing diet, and a number of people have lived on it almost exclusively for 12 years or more. We at Right To Choose Healthy Foods Trust and Optimum Ways of Living Trust are happy to turn our skills to the forwarding of this purpose, along with many of you who have volunteered to help. We are dedicated to preserving his writings and videos, and to making them available to as many people as possible.

We hope we can be of help to you who have lived with this diet for a long or short time, and be a focal point for all of us to support or push his vision into reality, with a farm or farms, clinical spas, and getting the awareness of food as it is meant to be out there in the world.

Written by the trustee of Optimal Ways of Living

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