Aajonus’s Life Purpose – Stated Clearly

"To help reverse disease and facilitate healthier lives and a more peaceful world for those interested."

The Primal Diet was created by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

When I approached Aajonus, the creator of the Primal Diet (tm) and author of We Want To Live: the Primal Diet (published in 1997)  in 2004 to set up the WeWant2Live.com site, I asked him his Mission.  He gave me the one sentence you see above.

Now in 2013 I look at that one sentence statement.  He DID live by this statement.  He also gave anyone who is not interested the immediate right to exit from the page or discussion, with no blame or shame.

On these pages I will occasionally put up some feedback from "those interested" in the Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz.  If someone not interested comes along, they are invited to exit from this page right away.  There is no harm and no controversy in this statement as far as I can see and as far as any of the thousands of people whose lives he did improve.

Here is Aajonus telling his story, in 3 parts:

Memorial and Tribute to Aajonus Vonderplanitz

I will miss him and I already do!

The loss of Aajonus greatly saddens me and leaves my heart heavy.  I believe Aajonus had something to offer humanity that no other person has been able to touch upon.  Aajonus had a gift.  Regardless of what you may think of him or his non-conventional ways, Aajonus had a gift.  He had great intelligence and knowledge!  He was self-taught through experience and study.  He knew what he knew and he knew it well!  He was a force to be reckoned with.  Aajonus earned his honorary PhD many times over in the due diligence he gave to his specialty.

I will miss hearing his voice on the telephone.  I will miss his confident and calm advice about health and healing using the simplest of foods.  Knowing that somehow he had my back, made me feel good and safe.  Someone I could turn to, who thought out-side the box, someone who used non-toxic means, who used food as medicine as Hippocrates intended.  I find it coincidental that he broke his back, when I felt like he had my back – always there, whether through e-mail or telephone call!

Whether I wanted to take his advice or not, Aajonus had a unique perspective simple in application.  A perspective filled with wisdom and experience.  Raw living food from the earth, organic, fresh, and local.  Milk.  Butter and honey.  No-salt cheese.  Eggs.  Meat.  Lemon and lime.  Clay.  Coconut.  Fruit.  Vegetable juice.

There are many people we meet in this life that come and go, sometimes without notice by us as to their whereabouts.  With Aajonus, I know he is gone.  I know the ways in which he made a mark in my life.  How I think of food and the healing powers it offers will be forever indelibly etched in my brain.  The fear of bacteria is gone.  The ubiquitous nature of chemicals in our toxic world is more concerning.

Lately, I think of him often.  The simple, daily use of my ceramic knives and solid wood cutting board reminds me of him.

I am thankful that I was able to know him and consult with him on many occasions!  He was there for me during a life-threatening miscarriage which caused me to hemorrhage uncontrollably dropping my blood count down to 4.9 – ICU critical.  His simple, yet effective advice to get my hemoglobin back up was fresh, raw, bison liver, raw milk and raw honey shakes.  Drink them until I am sick of them he told me - and I did.  It took about a week and I was sick of them.  When the hematologist saw my blood soon thereafter, she was amazed at how good it looked.  She asked what I had done and I told her about the raw liver shakes.  She was surprised.  We do what we do to get better.  It’s really quite simple.

I remember the time I had the flu and was achy all over.  I used a hot rubber water bottle on my back with two organic shirts between.  Regular tap water was used to fill the water bottle.  I placed the water bottle on my low achy back with the two shirts in-between and slept overnight.  The next morning my back seemed unusually bothersome.  I asked my husband to look at it, and he said, “What did you do.”  Apparently, my back was red and inflamed.  Over the next few days, I applied raw honey and raw aloe vera gel straight from the plant to soothe the area, but the skin started to bubble, pus, and turn black, necrotic, and severely painful.  It was a Saturday and I went to the local Care Clinic for an opinion.  When the doctor on call saw my back, she gasped in disbelief and asked what I had done.  She suggested I go to the burn center for my skin to be scrubbed, etc…  She took a sample of the area which tested positive for Staphylococcus Aureus  – aka, staph infection.  The necrotic black skin which looked like a 3rd degree burn had receded into my back by at least 3 millimeters or more.  It was oozing pus, greenish, yellowish, and black skin, and downright painful!  My children and husband shuttered at the site of it.  The doctor wanted me on antibiotics immediately for the staph infection.  I explained to her and her assistant that if I took the antibiotics it would kill all the good bacteria in my body and this infection is localized to my back.  The doctor apologized to me saying she was not trained in natural medicine and all she knows is drugs.  She didn’t know how to help me other than antibiotics and a burn center.  I thanked her and left the office.  I immediately got home and emailed Aajonus with pictures telling him I tested positive for a staph infection.  Aajonus immediately got back with me and over the next few weeks, we exchanged numerous emails.  He said he has seen this type of chemical burn only once or twice before where the person is burning from the inside out with the release of toxins.  He explained, “Staphylococcus are responsible for consuming death and damaged tissue by chemical or heat burn, or abrasion.  If you did not have them, you would probably have leprosy. Congratulations, you have the correct bacteria.” He said the staph infection was good; it was there to eat the dead necrotic skin.  He said the hot water bottle did NOT burn my back; the warmth of the water bottle drew toxins like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde to the area.  He said: “Physics of a heat burn from a hot water bottle would not be 2nd-4th degrees variations like yours. You have a chemical burn that coincided with your use of the hot water bottle. The hot water bottle could never have caused that without your knowing it. If you want to know the truth to that, simply apply a match to your back that would cause a burn. Would you feel it? That much heat that would cause 2nd-4th degrees burns you would know. However, chemical burns are much more insidious. Because they damage nerves, often people do not know that they have chemical burns until they are apparent.” Aajonus said, “it was probably the detoxification of tetanus injection(s) at sometime in your life.” Aajonus’ advice and remedy was simple and very effective – clay poultice. And so I made the clay wet with good quality mineral water and applied it to my back covered with a wet cloth then plastic and a dry cloth wrapped tight with a belt around my waist.  Within the first 12 hours the green, yellowish pus filled blisters were subsiding.  The clay was neutralizing the heavy metals and drawing out the toxins.  It took 24 hours a day and 43 days later sleeping on my belly for weeks on end, and new skin was finally visible in the area where once black, green, and yellow, pus filled blisters and sores appeared.  It was nothing short of miraculous, the simple yet effective treatment of wet clay!  After new skin arrived, applications of raw honey, raw butter and raw coconut oil were used to feed the new skin.  Aajonus looked forward to seeing the photos as the wound changed and healed!  Today my scar gets noticed, people asking if it’s a tattoo.  Some people see different animal images in it.  My scar reminds me of Aajonus, a battle wound as my body cleans itself out.  I am forever thankful that Aajonus helped me through that painful and stressful time.  What would I have done without his knowledge?

I thank Aajonus for his enduring spirit and tenacity for Food Freedom, for Truth, and for Fighting what is right and for what is wrong in our society!

He was one person fighting thousands.

Was he perfect, No.  But, no one is.

Will he live on, Yes.  In the minds of many, I believe Aajonus’ message will become stronger and louder.  And with the help of many, I believe his teachings will continue.

I am sad to think that in his last hours he suffered great pain, so much so, that pain killers were needed.  I understand his pain and I am glad the pain killers gave him immediate and necessary relief.  He began life painfully in the early years of his parent’s home and unfortunately, sadly, his life ended painfully, tragically.  It is sometimes hard to make sense of why things happen the way they do.  It seems, if we look back in history, that those with the greatest minds and the most to offer our human race die much younger than necessary and way before their time.

Was his life cut short, Yes!  Did he have more to offer humanity, Yes!  Did he deserve to die the way he died, No!  Will I forget him, Never!  And yes, I miss him!

I would have liked to have seen him grow old and even wiser with a peaceful presence about him feeling assured that he did all he could to help others.

He had the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen!  A testament to his belief in the healing powers of raw primal food!

With love and gratitude,

Christina Kessinger

Aajonus was the most influential and unforgettable person in my life.

I knew him for 35 years. He helped me in personal, countless ways which I can only begin to share about here.

Back in 1978 I was suffering from colds, influenza and severe migraine headaches.  My head felt like it was caught in a giant nutcracker.  I could not keep my balance and had to call in sick from work.   Sleep was difficult since I was in a lot of pain.  At the time, I was working in a print shop and was constantly exposed to chemical fumes.  Need I say more?

The doctors could only advise me to rest...

(as if I could do otherwise?).  One day I crawled out of my sick bed and went to my local health food store to get whatever help I could find.  This is where I met Aajonus who was working there at the time.  I explained my situation.  He focused his attention on me in a way which I found uniquely compassionate and caring.  That alone won me over and I did whatever he asked of me from there onward.   The specifics of his program had not yet evolved as the Primal Diet but the basic principles of eating only raw foods, plenty of diary, fats, nuts and fresh juices were in place.

My headaches went away and never came back.

Aajonus made himself available as a big brother and mentor.  He became my best friend.  We often hung out together--very generous with his time.  He even let me date his girlfriends.  He also empowered me to take on new skills and tasks such as being copy editor for him, comedian, massage therapist and his trustee.

I continued to consult with him privately, by phone and attend his Q&A seminars.  If I had only come to him for nutrition, that knowledge of itself would be astonishing.  He could find imbalances in me that no one else could and give a food remedy for it.  For example, I had a torn muscle in my left calf that kept flaring up for weeks, even months.   He had me wear a poultice of raw meat for 2 weeks and it healed completely.

Aajonus’ insights didn’t stop with nutrition.  He also was a genius when it came to counseling.   He had a knack of cutting right to the core of any personal or mental conflicts I may have had so I could get through them.  Truly a renaissance man.

The ways he was there for me could easily fill a book.   Suffice it to say that his passing created a void that can never be filled by any one person.

So long, Aajonus.  Thank you for passing through this world and giving light to me and all who were open to you.

--Louis Cangemi
Sunday, September 22, 2013

More results on the Primal Diet, quoted from www.originallivingcoconut.com:

"Aajonus was a nutritionist who developed the Primal Diet

The very diet which saved Renée Ainlay's life (founder of Original Living Coconut) You can read Renee's journey here: https://www.originallivingcoconut.com/renees-story

Aajonus was also an activist for the non-profit organization, Right to Choose Healthy Food. He was the author of two books: We Want to Live & The Recipe for Living Without Disease. Aajonus traveled around the world, sharing his wealth of knowledge, helping people find vibrant health & come out of the grips of disease. Tragically, Aajonus fell from his second story balcony at his home in Thailand when it gave way. He suffered a broken spine & internal bleeding. He was taken to the hospital where he passed.

A Word From Renée, Founder of OLC

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. My dear friend and teacher Aajonus Vonderplanitz just recently passed away. He was on his 2nd floor balcony at his home in Thailand when it gave way. He suffered a broken back and internal bleeding and passed at the hospital.

As many of you know my story, I have been following Aajonus's Primal Diet for 7 1/2 years. Not only have I regained my health, but Aajonus has inspired me and changed the direction of my life. I will forever be indebted to him and I am truly blessed to have known him. Not only has he helped me but he has helped others in my family (my husband, my kids & their families & my brothers).

A pioneer of the raw food movement, Aajonus has paved the way for many. He first introduced the Primal Diet through his books, We Want to Live and A Recipe for Living Without Disease. His teachings didn't stop there, he made DVDs and wrote newsletters, gave lectures, appeared on TV talk shows, radio shows etc. He has accomplished so much I cant even begin to name them all.  He was an activist for the raw milk movement. He spearheaded the abolition of California's ban of raw milk sales in stores. He gave countless hours of his time to help defend farmers against raw milk lawsuits. He has helped thousands of people regain their health over the many years.

The last time I saw Aajonus was in June when he came out to the farm with Jeff Slay for a few days visit. We took him on a tour so he could see the progress we made over the past year. He was so excited about his Home and Wellness Center in Thailand and shared his virtual tour with us as it was being built. We had so much fun I didn't want them to leave.
I will miss you my dear friend and teacher. I will miss talking to you and miss your heart hugs. You were a very special treasure to many. Along with everyone else I will do my best to carry on and share what I have learned on my journey for health. Rest in peace my friend. I pray blessings, peace and comfort for your family and friends.

--Reneè, Founder of Original Living Coconut

"I don’t typically ever check Facebook first thing in the morning. But, yesterday morning, for some reason…I did. And there it was…a post about Aajonus’s passing.

I wept.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz was another breed of human…

a guru-warrior in a class all his own. He traveled the world for years, teaching raw food as medicine…raw meat, raw dairy, raw honey, raw vegetable juices, etc. The number of people’s lives that he served is dwarfed only by the profound degree to which his service affected them.

I am one of those people.

I discovered his work during the fall of 2007. And, quite literally, everything changed. His teachings of physical health, for me, have had an affect that has reached far beyond the physical, carrying over into my mental, emotional and spiritual lives as well. For it was because of his work that I realized my symbiotic relationship with all of the physical world; and from that, my fear of being victimized by my own body–vanished, just like that. He taught me to look deeper into what motivated me, to see my addictions clearly–and disarm them. Because Aajonus Vonderplanitz existed…I am a stronger man, a better man.

The bravery in his work was profound. For, to say that he went “against the grain” would be the understatement of the millennium. He taught that we are our own doctors. He taught that through the right combinations of nothing more that raw foods, our health can become robust–quite literally. He taught that our bodies are programmed to be healthy and full of vigor; and it is only because of our culture’s choice to use industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and processed/conventionally produced foods that we now suffer from all manner of disease. And, his track record with all varieties of patients (novice to terminal) speaks for itself. Simply stated, when his patients followed his word, they just got better.

He brought life and hope to many.

His legacy lives on in every one of his patients. I am his legacy. The work that I am able to do because of the new strength that I feel…his legacy. The growing sense of freedom and sovereignty that expands inside of me every day…his legacy.

I love you Aajonus. And although you are deeply and profoundly missed, I smile at the thought of the peace your warrior’s heart must now be experiencing.

’til we meet again…"


4 thoughts to “Aajonus’s Life Purpose – Stated Clearly”

  1. Good personal revelations. I second all that you’ve told us. BTW, in July 2013, Aaj gave me a substitute for the clay when it came to dealing with skin(pus blisters) infections. He said he was experimenting. Instead of putting the moist clay, use a ratio of I believe 1:1 milk & cheese into a poultice/paste. I used it for 20+ blisters on my lower legs that time after you lance them and apply lime juice. Currently I’m using it for a toe infection as well, which he originally told me to use moist clay as well. This also should be used for flea bites as well. Lime then apply poultice when lime has dried.

  2. I’m so grateful to you and others who have worked so hard to preserve and promote Aajonus’ wisdom and knowledge. I miss him so much….. he was one of a kind and irreplaceable. What a gift he gave to the world!!

    I am still on the diet after to close to 10 years….. it has been nothing short of life saving for me.

  3. I have known and worked with Aajonus for 12 years. After reading 25 pages of his first book, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I had suffered 35 years with severe food allergies and for the first time in my life, I felt good after eating food – raw food. No Dr., allergist or nutritionist had mentioned trying raw food. It was the holy grail I was searching for. We invited and shared time with Aajonus during his workshop weekends, each of the last 12 years in Cabondale, CO. I have seen his work affect my life and those of many who participated with him. With his iridology, he detected uranium poisoning in my step son Zane, before the symptoms emerged. My wife Deva, went totally primal raw 4 years ago with amazing results. I was so saddened this morning to hear of Aajonus’ death. He was due to return to Carbondale in October for his annual workshop visit. I feel a great loss. He was a true activist, teacher, healer and lover and guardian of the truth as he experienced it. Sometimes he was his own worst enemy but that was also part of his magic. No one could deter him from his quest for healthy raw roods being legal and available for all. My wife and I plan to attend his memorial in LA when it happens as we want to see his great work continue and we also plan to hold a memorial/workshop in Carbondale, CO to show his UCLA video series and share of how his life impacted ours. He was truly a special, special human being. We will miss those late nights, talking about the magic of raw foods. I love you Aaj and wish you a safe journey back to the source of all things. I know our paths will cross again. Thank you so very much.

    — Eaden Shantay (formerly Branden Cohen) Co-Owner True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale, CO.

  4. I personally see Aajonus as someone sent by our creator to teach us about nutrition, he dedicated his existence to this and was able to rediscover our truth. This man shall live forever within us. I thank all of you who support his work and continue the path. May strength and wisdom always guide you.

    — H. A.

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