MISCARRIAGE: To stop bleeds or hemorrhage, see Hemorrhage, page 270.

Eating eggs, even when raw, more than 5 days in succession sometimes causes uterine mucus to thin, becoming watery, and increases the possibility of miscarriage. However, eating raw eggs (as in milk shakes and smoothies) for 5 days, then not eating eggs for 2 days, and repeating this cycle helps build and sustain the strong stable mucus needed to maintain pregnancy. Eating a balanced raw diet helps support stable pregnancy. See the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12.

Too much horseradish may cause mucus to thin and should not be eaten too frequently by women prone to miscarriage, unless they crave it.

Sexual intercourse with orgasm during the eighth month often makes the blood too rich in hormones for the fetus to properly establish brain functions. Sometimes this results in miscarriage. Kissing and petting without orgasm are good. (It might be a sensitive gesture for the man to refrain from having orgasm also.)

Moldy foods and moldy environments can cause miscarriage.

Women who are prone to miscarriage can maintain pregnancy better by remaining flat on their backs as much as possible. Doing Hatha yoga stretch exercises (except for the Sun-salutation) stimulates circulation and tone while being sedentary.

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