Mineral deficiency

MINERAL DEFICIENCY is the lack of minerals needed to provide for proper body development and/or functions.

Symptoms: very warped and grooved nails, chapped lips, reserved attitude toward people, and lots of fecal matter produced because food doesn’t digest well.

For several days weekly, drinking ¼ teaspoon clay with a little mineral water, usually corrects mineral deficiencies. Most people have benefited best by drinking this in the mornings. Although fresh raw juices, especially vegetable, are high in minerals, the body uses most of those vitamin-coupled minerals in solution to transport glucose to the brain and bind with toxins. Therefore, drinking clay in water, rather than in juices, works best.

Some people need to eat several fertile raw eggs with good mineral water to correct this deficiency. Drinking two eggs and chasing them with mineral water may be an easier way of taking this combination.
Another way would be to blend and drink a combination of 2-3 fertile raw eggs with ½ cup good mineral water, juice of ½ fresh raw lemon, 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey and 1 teaspoon clay. See Clay, page 181.

Some people need to eat fresh raw celery too, to correct this imbalance. Whole celery, not just the juice, should be eaten. Eating no-salt-added raw cheeses also supplies needed concentrations of minerals.

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