MENOPAUSE is the cessation of the menstrual cycle. There is so much psychological baggage with this change (for instance, women fear loss of hormones, youth and sexual appeal), but the only natural loss in this life cycle is the ability to have children.

As long as a woman can digest properly, if she eats a predominantly raw diet with full-fat raw milk (when available), 2-4 raw eggs, raw meat twice daily, and no-salt-added raw cheese, her body will continue to produce hormones and keep her glands and organs from drying.

Eating fresh raw peppermint leaves or fresh raw cucumber (or the fresh raw juice of both) soothes, relaxes, helps digestion, and rids her of the bloated feeling. Eating raw melons, including unripe banana, eases the ill side effects of hormonal changes. If available, drinking 1-2 cups of raw yam juice with 3 tablespoons raw coconut cream with each cup of yam juice once every 3-8 days ensures hormonal production that balances mineral levels after menopause. Yam juice should be consumed within 1 hour after juicing.

For some women, having sex is beneficial because it flushes hormones and expedites the hormonal changes of menopause (not hormonal cessation). If lacking a sex partner during this cycle, self-sex is helpful for some people. Although a woman may have completed menopause, she may occasionally experience menstruation. That is a healthy function where the body cleanses those tissues.

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