MENINGITIS is a detoxification of the two inner coatings of the brain (cerebral), or spinal cord (spinal), more commonly occurring in children. Meningitis detoxifications are either bacterial or viral, and are mainly caused by metal toxicity that settled in the brain or spinal cord. Often, they are caused by the mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde in vaccines. The reason so many children develop meningitis is because they receive vaccines that damage nerve and brain cells.

Symptoms: fluctuating high fever, chills, headache, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, sometimes pneumonia-like symptoms and temporary excruciatingly crippling pain in back and/or legs, and rarely coma.

Eating ½ cup unheated honey in good mineral water every hour for 8 hours has eased congestion. Then eating 4-6 tablespoons of Pain formula every 2-3 hours remarkably eases pain. Eating a little alkalizing food and raw meat, especially fish, every 2-3 hours (between Pain Formulas) has healed the membranes.

See Alkalizing Food, page 178. See Pain, page 297 for recipe, and Pain Formula in the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 15.

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