Menstrual cramps

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS are abdominal muscle contractions that sometimes accompany menstruation, and are usually painful. These cramps are directly related to a lack of utilizable proteins in the blood. Either a sufferer is not eating enough meat or she doesn’t digest, assimilate, or utilize cooked meat.

Eating at least 5 raw mushrooms daily for 5 days before menstrual onset with a raw green salad, and eating raw red meat, like tuna, beef, or lamb, usually prevents these cramps. (Raw mushrooms contain enzymes that facilitate protein utilization.) See Premenstrual Syndrome, page 304. Drinking the blended mixture of raw milk and bee pollen, or raw carrot juice and bee pollen relieves pain. See Pain, page 297. For another Pain Formula, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 15.

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