Primal Diet Videos (Testimonials)

Pem Wall

Chris Kazaam

Jeff Slay

Branden Cohen - Primal Raw Food Diet

Kelly & Rick Bordeau

Irritable Bowel Syndrome gone forever!

Kelly Bordeau tried everything to handle her IBS, but nothing resolved it until she started The Primal Diet.

Artist recovers from crippling arthritis

Rick Bordeau has fully regained the use of his hands and can now do his Art again, thanks to Aajonus and The Primal Diet.

Lead the life you want, avoid disease and discomfort!

Rick Bordeau gives us many examples of how he has reversed the aging process using The Primal Diet.

Aajonus' Formula for a Healthy Baby

A musician's success of having been on the primal diet for over 12 years discussing how it has saved his life


Anti-aging with Aajonus! Roger is Going Strong at age 83

Aajonus had just come out with his first book We Want To Live: the Primal Diet when Roger Noorthoek heard him speak at the Cancer Control Society.
Roger must have been about 68 years old then. It looks like Roger is on the road to longevity.
See what Roger has to say:

4 thoughts to “Primal Diet Videos (Testimonials)”

  1. Hi,
    first I want to say I am speechless, after having read all information that Aajonus is giving us. Hoping this knowledge comes out in grand…I will certainly support that.
    Now to 2 questions, that I hope someone could
    give me an answer to:
    1. What is raw milk? Is it the COLOSTRUM, or is it the unpasterized milk directly sold from a farm?
    2. I have heard about the deadly bacteria that raw chicken meat can have…Is that true??
    Kindly Yours,

  2. Raw milk is just milk that hasn’t been pasteurized. The bacteria in chicken isn’t deadly, that’s just another myth. If you hear stories about people getting sick from it, it’s either psychological or it’s detox. Or possibly they had chicken that was fed a horrible diet, but I’m not sure if you would even get sick from that. My theory for that is that when people have really un natural diet that when they finally consume something like raw chicken they get sick because they’re so toxic and they finally have resources to start a detox.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Brilliant site! Thank you so much for sharing all this information.

    I have a question, I don’t know if it’s directly related to this topic or not, but is it possible to “catch” bacteria or fungi? I understand viruses are not living, but what about living organisms such as bacteria and fungi? Or could you direct me where to look to research this?


    1. Hello, Saliha! Anything I say will sound ‘salesy” because we have worked long and hard to put this information into the password-protected part of the site. I recommend you get a one month trial subscription and use the ‘search’ box to explore these subjects in much greater detail. It is a very good question and deserves a thorough answer. You are at the doorway to a very important understanding.

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