The Primal Diet Workshop

The Primal Diet Workshop DVD set is being well received internationally and is being viewed all over the world. The feedback is quite good as this benefits not only someone already well versed in the Primal Diet but benefits people new to the diet as well. See some of the feedback here:

"I have received the DVD set and am very grateful. What a load of unique information. I'm going to try to switch completely to the Primal Diet." Peter D., Netherlands

"The video's were awesome. I can't get my wife to read the books but she did watch most of the videos with me. She learned a lot and is way more supportive. My children are now on raw dairy. Just a first step but it is a step in the right direction. Thanks Aajonus!!!" John S., Tennessee

"I've listened to it many times. I get something out of it every time. It is definitely a good product!

Bernard L., Simi Valley, California

"Aajonus's wisdom is especially effective toward guarding anyone from the toxic disease causing industrial pollution which, perpetrated by the choices of the human race, has overtaken planet Earth. His DVD will put you in the direction of controlling your own health, in what seems to be an uncontrollably toxic world." -Max Kane

"I never read the book. The reason I ended up watching [the PD Workshop DVD set] was to [pull some still photos. I am an I.T. guy]. I was completely fascinated. Aajonus completely paralleled things I already thought - about bacteria-mania and about the fact that most doctors do not know what they are doing. Then I insisted that my wife watch it while I saw it again. I noted her reaction. I watched it slowly dawn on her. So we started by eating raw meat. I noticed that on the very next day I felt stronger and my body had more energy. We completely dropped ALL supplements, with no ill effects; we never even noticed the difference. I realized you don't need complex enzymes unless you have to break down all this cooked stuff. I'm satisfied all the time. I need about � as much food as I was eating. It just keeps getting better." Ray K., Hollywood, California

"Watching the PD Workshop DVD set was a revelation to me and made sense. I watched it with my husband; after a while, we looked at each other and said OK - we're doing this. I feel like I am being nourished for the first time in my life. Bit by bit I am renewing my cells and proofing myself against illness. My eyesight has improved. My energy level has improved. My digestion is easy and good. I need this strength and vitality because my career as a composer is going out the roof so fast that if I weren't on the Primal Diet, I might not be able to cope physically. I find it to be really tasty and surprisingly delicious despite the fact that I am a gourmet cook in 26 international cuisines. I used to think that people were nuts when they told me they were on a raw diet until I saw the video. The only way I'll ever eat cooked food is at a rare holiday feast and then only to build immunity, [jokingly referring to the concept in homeopathy of ingesting minute amounts of something that would be potentially harmful in larger quantities, to be more able to combat it.] Carol W., Hollywood, California

The PD Workshop DVD set is a 'must have' for anyone looking to improve their health, whether its recovering from disease as in my case or simply looking to achieve optimal health. I also bought it for friends and family to view as this will allow them to easily understand why I eat this way and show them there is an alternative to physical degeneration, there is healing, life and vitality! Many thanks" Conor, Northern Ireland

Listen to Aajonus -
Do yourself a life-long favor: act now to order your Primal Diet Workshop DVD set.
I already know you are a no b.s. person or you wouldn't be viewing this page. I will refrain from exaggeration however I am truly excited about the Primal Diet Workshop DVD set; you will be too. You really must see this for yourself. The facts are:

  • Aajonus did one and only one Primal Diet Workshop in the Los Angeles area
  • This was done on the U.C.L.A. campus in Westwood, Los Angeles. Aajonus will not be doing another PD workshop in L.A., period, nor will he do another one filmed.
  • This Primal Diet Workshop was done not only for L.A. residents, but for anyone planet-wide who is seriously interested in pursuing the truth about nutrition for their own benefit.
  • The content of the three PD Workshop disks is very detailed yet complex subjects are made understandable.
  • Material of this importance and quantity can be gone over again and again in order to assimilate it, learn to think with it and to put it to use in your long and healthy life.
  • The presentation in DVD form has been made smooth, audible and aesthetic. 5 cameras were used. Expert sound and
    editing skills have been employed.
  • In the first batch of these DVD sets, an extra disk has been included at no charge for people on the Primal Diet to show to others. We realize that those on the PD do not live in a vacuum and are surrounded by others who may have no understanding of why or how this diet works, who developed it, what kind of people are on it, etc. The way to make sure you get the bonus disk is to place your order quickly.
  • The bonus disk includes a talk from a prize-winning athlete, a hairdresser who works with poisonous chemicals, a 20 year vegetarian and vegan who is now eating meat and dairy and is very healthy and happy, a cancer survivor-in-progress, and the 'withering man restored' whose before & after photos are on the site.
  • One of these bonus talks is from Aajonus himself, telling his personal story in great detail, with excellent humor and his own reality of how it all happened for him.
  • In answer to how much does a typical doctor visit cost for uninsured patients?, states: Depends on what speciality the doctor you are visiting has. Family practice,$95 to $265, Specialist $115 to $325. Would a person learn more from 5 hours of Aajonus explaining the make-up of the body, how nutrition works, the facts behind various theories etc or from one visit to a family doctor ($180 avg.) plus one visit to a specialist ($220 avg.)?
  • To place a value on Aajonus' PD Workshop, consider how many doctor visits it would take to gain a full understanding of what ails you and a list of prescription drugs to take the rest of your life. This is a trick question because you never would gain the full understanding that way although you would get a list of prescription drugs.
  • As a price comparison, here are costs per year of 5 commonly prescribed drugs for the elderly: Lipitor Cholesterol control $871, Novasc A calcium channel blocker $549, Fosamax Bone density $894, Prilosec (20 mg) Anti-ulcer $1,684, Celebrex Rheumatoid Arthritis $2,102. Compared to these, your one-time purchase of The Primal Diet Workshop DVD set is minimal

You have the chance right now to buy Aajonus' Primal Diet Workshop DVD Set for $260 plus shipping charge and get the bonus DVD free while it is in stock.
Have the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted
I have been to Aajonus' lectures every year for 5 years and I learn more every time. People think that it is the same info but Aajonus gives new health-empowering information as well as the old. Even the old becomes new and more profound because I am able to understand more since I eat his Primal Diet.
I don't understand why everyone does not attend Aajonus' workshops every chance they have. The information is beyond value. Each time I am better able to improve and control my health!" Simon D., age 43 Palm Beach, FL


Do yourself a life-long favor: act now to order your set.








Dear Dr. V.,
I want you to know that I am 3/4 of the way through your DVD presentation and find it most educational and excellent. I purchased and read your books some years ago.
I have been using your dietary approach (in the past 2 months it has been by the book, before I was doing it "half assed") and it appears to be helping me arrest and hopefully reverse what I believe to be rheumatoid arthritis, which is primarily in my left hand.
Having been in the "alternative medicine" field for many years (30 or so) I have tried all sorts of practitioners and approaches and yours is the only one that's even put a dent in my condition, so THANK YOU!

Respectfully Yours, J.A., New Hampshire

The Primal Diet Workshop DVD set has been amazing to watch.








I've already watched it 3 times and have found it incredibly educational.
The information is truly revolutionary and I've enjoyed it immensely.
Thank you Aajonus for your
amazing work and persistence.
T.P. Marina Del Rey, CA

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