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Primal Diet Workshop

PDWS-front $125.00

Primal Diet Workshop – Digital Video (download)

Note: The Primal Diet Workshop is a thorough briefing by Aajonus Vonderplanitz of details of his research and how to use this information to make the most healthful daily dietary choices. Material of this importance and quantity can be gone over again and again in order to assimilate it, learn to think with it and to put it to use in your long and healthy life.

Technical information
Video resolution: 856×480
Bit rate: VBR, 600-800kbps
Format: mp4
Playing time: about 4 hours
Total download size: 1.15GB

Optional downloads:
4180kbps high quality videos (7.1GB)
Video from DVD 4: Aajonus’ Journey (220MB / 1.3GB high quality)
Audio only (MP3 files, 445MB)
Original artwork for Permavue binder (7.125″ x 7.375″ with 1″ spine)

A brief introduction to some of the points covered by Aajonus Vonderplanitz's philosophy and approach to better health.

Jeff's story (introduction)

How Aajonus Prepares Food – The Raw Food Recipes Videos

recipe_1 $27.00

How Aajonus Prepares Food – The Raw Food Recipes Videos (download)

Aajonus spends a day showing us some important points of speed and simplicity in preparing raw food recipes including several special meat sauce recipes and raw meat recipes, a raw food dessert and other items important to a raw food meal plan.

* Aajonus on an intense day spending 2 hours and 10 minutes approx. showing us all the details of how Aajonus does things in the kitchen.
* He demonstrates making over a dozen recipes, with every intense detail so the food is delicious and healthy.

Technical information
Video resolution: 640×360
Bit rate: 3000kbps
Format: mp4
Total download size: 3.2GB

Also available at lower resolution
427×240 / 300kbps / mp4 / 270MB

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