Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 25

Day 25 1/6/05

We woke up earlier today. I had to leave early to go to Homer’s to slaughter 30 chickens.

I had to do everything. I had to catch them today. It was hard at first, I found the trick was to go for the feet, then they can’t fight me as much. It was raining slightly, it was slippery. I kept reciting the Lord’s Prayer while I was catching them and stuffing them in cages. I felt like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction when he was reciting Biblical Verses before he whacked people. I was saying the prayer because I still feel like I need to do something spiritual when I’m killing animals. I feel that it’s wrong for me to get used to it. I definitely see animals differently now that I’ve killed them and seen them be killed. They seem more like animals instead of animals that have human characteristics. I feel differently too. After pulling out nearly a hundred intestines from chickens, I now feel that I have an idea what mine are like.

I played George in Ping-Pong today. I did not have my glasses and it was dark. He won 2 out of 3. Someday before I leave, I will beat him best 2 out of 4. I put the chickens 15 to a cage. They were crammed pretty tight. There was a little drop of blood on the wagon from one or more of the chickens. We tied the cages on top of the wagon, to the back of the horse and buggy. It was George’s buggy. George definitely has the pimped out buggy. It has all the bells and whistles. It has a wooden dash board with knobs and dials. It was a horn which he hasn’t hooked up yet. He has 3 or more different key-chains. Two of them have stuff like, “I’m innocent and cute” or those stupid ones that I see high school freshmen girls have on their backpacks. He has one that has his birthday horoscope (which is a big no-no for Amish) on it. It says on one side. “I am timid and shy” and other personality traits. On the other side it has things that happened on that date throughout history: First escalator was patented, Julius Caesar was assassinated 44 B.C., and Hitler began his Third Reich.

I looked in the back and I saw that he had a boom box. I started laughing and said, “George, what’s this?” He started laughing too and said, “Shhhhh”. We got out on the road and I got it out. We put in a tape of a Christian Country band called, Breakthrough. They sounded pretty good, for a Christian Country band. Lisa and Lucy are majorly whining right now. Marie is trying to put them to bed. They whine so much. They’re super-whiners, they need to eat better. When they say, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, they really say “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. George said him and two other friends chipped in to buy the boom box. They all ride together on the way to church, so that’s when they listen to it. His friend brings a cd case then and they listen to “country and rock n’ roll”. He was pretty polite; when we were passing houses he would turn it down and say, “Well, the neighbors don’t need to hear it.”

I killed several chickens and two turkey’s today. Warm blood on my hand, same as before. I’m getting better and swifter at it. Homer’s chickens were young and small. They had beautiful red to dark reddish-purple livers. The turkeys livers’ were almost purple they were so good. Albert’s hens were older, some had weird stuff inside them. Richard King, the guy who was helping me butcher them said they could be cancer or tumors. That usually happens in older chickens. Richard makes really good fermented vegetables. Some of the chicken livers were brownish, I didn’t want to eat those. I ate the unborn eggs though. They taste awesome. Homer said, “Noah Noosewingers wife (he is a great raw cheese guy) eats raw meat sometimes. Richard was cutting a chicken and showed me how its beak was cut. He said they do that to them when they are young at the chicken farms so they don’t end up eating their own eggs when they are older. He says that makes it so they can’t eat grass as well. He says if they are de-beaked, then they are vaccinated as well. He said before, a farmer had to ask the chicken selling place to debeak and vaccinate them and they charged extra. Now he says, they do it automatically unless you ask them not to and they will still charge the same price.

I did some spying for Albert today. I told him how Homer makes some of his stuff like cottage cheese and yogurt. It was fine because Homer told me anyway. I told Albert and Marie that I was going to start eating raw meat at their house. He has a refrigerator full of fresh and unfrozen meat. I figured now would be a good time to try. Marie laughed, Albert seemed a little weirded out by it. I hope it’s my imagination. Maybe I’m being a dick by telling them I am going to eat raw meat at their house, or maybe it will be good. Maybe if they or one of their kids get really sick and nothing works to make them feel better, they’ll try some raw meat and it will help them. I hope I didn’t offend them. In a way, I also don’t care.

For breakfast I had raw, unfrozen veal cubes and eggnog. Lunch: sprouts, lettuce and chicken soup. Dinner was lard cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes with Sauerkraut, cream, whipped cream and bananas plus cooked string beans.

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