SCIATICA is characterized by tenderness or pain in the sciatic nerve that runs from the back at the waist, down the hip and thigh to the ankle. Tenderness or pain can occur at any point along the sciatic nerve.

Drinking full-fat raw milk is very helpful for people with spinal problems. I suggest adding 3-4 tablespoons raw cream and 2 tablespoons unheated honey to each quart of milk.
Often, sciatica is associated with liver problems. When functions of the liver improve, symptoms of sciatica usually disappear. See Liver Problems, page 285 (the remedy suggestions are the same for sciatica, even if you don’t have a liver problem).

Most sciatica problems result from metal or chemical toxicity in the bones and/or tendons in the spine and sciatic nerves. That toxicity enters the sciatic nerves, causing cellular damage and swelling.
Usually, infection results to remove cellular decay. Drinking any of the remedies for pain every 2-3 hours mitigates pain. Soaking for about an hour in a hot bath helps relax the back. Following a balanced raw diet as suggested under Mineral Deficiency (page 291) will cleanse and strengthen the sciatic nerves.

Enjoying hot baths for up to 8 hours helps discharge electricity from back pain into the water instead of into the brain. See Bath, page 326.

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