Salt craving

SALT CRAVING: Generally, a craving for salt is caused by poor thyroxin production (a thyroid hormone). See Thyroid Problem, page 315, Appendix I, page 139, and Appendix M, page 143.

Raw glandular thyroid supplements are helpful, enabling the thyroid to relearn the chemical structure of thyroxin so that it can produce it.
Eating raw deep sea fish (tuna, salmon, swordfish), raw oysters, raw scallops, raw clams, no-salt-added raw cheese, unripe melons with an equal quantity of raw fat, plenty of raw tomatoes, and fresh raw celery, supply the body with minerals necessary to stabilize mineral balance and for the thyroid to produce thyroxin. See Mineral Deficiency, page 291.

However, about 0.5% of the human population needs salt once weekly. Therefore, if after two months of eating the foods suggested above, you continue to have an unusual craving for salt, eating only two grains of unprocessed salt once or twice weekly usually satisfies and calms the system and settles the craving with little or no cellular destruction.

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