Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac

POISON IVY, POISON OAK, and POISON SUMAC are itchy skin rashes that ooze when those plants’ oils contact the skin. They do not bother everybody. Those easily vaporized oils land on the skin or enter the respiratory system and burn the skin, causing blisters that ooze, itch and seem to spread. The body absorbs, dilutes and distributes the oils over the largest area necessary to exhaust the volatility of the oils. The way to remove the oils is to absorb and dissolve them.

Firstly, rubbing raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar into affected and surrounding areas helps neutralize the oils. Secondly, applying clay thickly to affected and surrounding areas, letting it dry and rinsing helps draw the oils from the skin. Thirdly, the Ayurvedic and tribal healing approach works best: Rubbing your urine onto the affected and surrounding areas once or twice daily and leaving it on all day and night usually subdues irritation and heals the condition. Urine, with its ammonia and proteins, helps dilute and neutralize the oils that have penetrated deep into skin. Fourthly, 1½-2 hours after urine has been on the skin, applying the Primal Facial Body Care Cream helps further neutralize the oils, and soothe and protect the skin from additional burn. For the Primal Facial Body Care Cream recipe, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 15.

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