PNEUMONIA is inflammation of the tiny air sacs in the lungs that fill with fluids and mucus. This usually happens following a severely stressful detoxification or medical procedure that has consumed all available nutrients. Consequently, mucus cannot be properly constructed to protect the lungs. Then, even a particle of dust or lint in the lungs causes fluids to collect, trying to cleanse the lungs. Pneumonia is always associated with internal or airborne toxins that irritate lungs and result in allergy.

Symptoms: fever and chills, more mucus, fatigue, rapid respiration, cough, sharp chest pains and sometimes headache.

Eating a little raw fish every couple of hours and drinking plenty of orange smoothies, that is, 2-4 raw eggs blended with raw fresh orange juice usually has ended this severe detoxification in two days. Continuing to drink the raw orange smoothies daily and eating only 1 cup of raw meat for one week has brought the mucous membranes to a healing state. After that, eating a balanced raw diet that included raw eggs and plenty of raw meat, including raw fish, strengthened and restored the mucous membranes to very good health.

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