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Q: Our guest speaker today, his name is Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Now Aajonus is a renowned nutritional lecturer, consultant speaker and somebody who promotes the raw diet. He's actually also authored a book called We Want To Live, The Primal Diet. It's a book that I read myself. It's a groundbreaking story on how he's healed himself from tumors, cancers, and diabetes. And it is a real honor for him to join us all the way from California to talk about his journey. Thank you so much for joining us today.

A: Thank you, Jaina. Thanks for having me.

Q: That's okay. How are you? Are you having a good day today?

A: A very good day. Thank you.

Q: Fantastic 

A: It's still early in the day here.

Q: Oh, great and the weather is pretty good. 

A: It's sunshiny today and a clear sky. 

Q: Oh, that's fantastic, then. So Aajonus, you've been on the most amazing journey of your life, haven't you? I mean, your book, We Want To Live, The Primal Diet™ talks about the journey of how you healed your son, Jeff from life threatening diseases. He had an automobile accident. And the journey really started from there, because you yourself, have been through a traumatic time, battling different illnesses and cancer. So tell us more about that. 

The Story in We Want To Live

A: Well, the book starts with getting a call from my mother. My son, at the time, was 22 years old, and damaged 1/5 of his brain, and was in a coma and was going to die any minute.

And so I flew back there, and I tell the story of how I reversed my diseases, including autism, cancer of the blood, bone, stomach and limp. All four cancers, diabetes, juvenile diabetes, and psoriasis, and angina pectoris, which were all supposedly incurable. 

Q: And so the doctors told you that these diseases were incurable and that there were no cures for them at all. 

A: Correct. Of course, you know, I didn't know any better. I was autistic until I was 22. So when I went through it all I developed an ulcer at 19. And for the treatment of that, it formed a tumor, my body formed a tumor, next to the ulcer. And then they treated the ulcer with surgery. That metastasized to cancer of the stomach and all the way to the skin. So they irradiated that. I had 10 weeks of radiation therapy for that, that cauterized my spine, made me an invalid. I could not sit or walk, I had to lie on the floor, I couldn't be on a bed or a couch, it has to be on a hard surface. And I was only allowed to use my arms and elbows to crawl around like a worm on the floor. And it also gave me blood and bone cancer, the radiation therapy. So then they gave me chemotherapy. And then that gave me the lymphoma. So every treatment from the medical profession made me worse.

Q: That's absolutely shocking.

A: Then an African American boy - an 18 year old boy that was a volunteer at the hospice - encouraged me to drink raw carrot juice and raw milk. Now I was autistic still at this time. A tetanus shot at 18 months old went to my communication center and caused autism in me. Well, after about 12 days of drinking the carrot juice, raw carrot juice and raw milk, my brain center that had been damaged for 21 years, all of a sudden opened up. So I was finally able to understand language and communication. Of course I had no vocabulary. And I was Mr. Malaprop. Because I had all these ideas of what...because I didn't understand language. I had sound bites for words. So it's like a musical repeat of sounds that I had my own meanings about that I had my idea of what they meant when I learned that many of the ideas of what I had decided what things meant had nothing to do with the true word meaning of the words. So it was quite a journey to do that. 

Giving Hope to Hundreds of Thousands

Q: I mean, it's a fascinating story. This is a groundbreaking journey that you've been on. It's a true story. It's an epic story, and it's something very, very inspirational.

Because, you know, this is a hospital radio station and some of our listeners, I'm sure know somebody who's going through cancers or know somebody who has a tumor, or indeed, is suffering something themselves. So this is something very, very inspirational, because you're giving hope to hundreds of thousands of people across the world. And you know, really sharing your story that there is hope out there. If you've been deemed as incurable, if you've been deemed as there is nothing out there. This is really another way forward. So you're opening people's eyes in a way, because you have been there yourself. And that's where the difference is in all of this. So what exactly did you do? What remedies did you take? What did you eat to heal yourself?

A: Well, first, I had the carrot juice and raw milk. I couldn't eat anything else because when I had all that radiation therapy that deteriorated all the bone around my teeth. So my teeth were like shock absorbers; they had no bone to stabilize them. So they would just move in and out of the gum and bleed. So I was getting one to two transfusions a week. So I had to liquefy all of my food and drink it through straws, very gently. So I mainly liquefied things. And, of course, before the young man turned me on to raw milk and raw carrot juice, I was having Sprite blended with doughnuts, and things like that - the regular garbage diet.

And then when he turned me on to the carrot juice and raw milk, it changed my thinking, it changed my brain, it changed my way of functioning. Of course, it didn't heal all that because it takes good solid proteins to heal the body. So it was a very, very long journey before I even got to the raw meat. Now I believe, after experimenting with the raw foods, different raw foods, mainly raw dairy and raw eggs, up until about 1976 when I finally ate raw meat, and that was the greatest change in my life. And we're on a show, you're broadcasting from the hospital. So the medical profession is run by the pharmaceutical community. And the pharmaceutical industry writes all the medical books and manuals, and they don't want people to be healed or well, so it's all about being on medication, multiple medications. So I'm very surprised you have me on this station, Jaina, thank you. 

Broadcasting to the World

Q: Well, this is something that's very different, very controversial. And I think it's amazing to bring somebody with your wealth of experience and knowledge to actually try and put your point forward as well. Because not everyone is right all the time. And it's good to get a different point of view. So even though we are broadcasting in the hospital, we are also broadcasting all over the world. So our listenership could be anywhere from America to India. So yes, we are hospital radio station, but we broadcast all over the world, which is why I was very interested in your work, the journey that you've been on, because I found it a groundbreaking true story, especially because you've been there yourself. There's so many people, this health market, this industry that we that we live in, is saturated with diet books, fad stories, and all sorts of things with people claiming that this is what you need to do to heal yourself. This is what you need to do to cure cancer. But I found your story truly inspirational because you yourself have been there yourself. 

A: Yes. And when people hear me say raw milk and raw meat, they immediately are aware of all the propaganda in the media, about the dangers of raw milk and the dangers of raw meat. There's nothing farther from the truth. There is no danger in raw milk. There is no danger in eating raw meat. Tribes have been doing it all over the world for ages. Up until the late 1800s, In the 1890s. pasteurization was unheard of. And millions of people and millions of people were living all over the world drinking raw milk. They still do in India, they still do in Africa, and we do a lot in America. There are probably 10 million raw milk drinkers daily. And they say what the sick and infirm and young infants are in danger of bacterial poisoning from milk, and it is a farce. I was a worm on the floor sick with four cancers and three other incurable diseases and the milk made me recover. And I have seen literally over 20,000 people recover from serious illnesses that the doctor said they would be in grave danger of parasitical-bacterial food poisoning from raw milk and raw meats recover. I have never seen anybody die from it, or get sick from it. 

Raw is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Q: Okay, so that was really interesting. So what you're saying is that raw milk is actually good for you. So unpasteurized, whether that's cow's milk, or goat's milk is full of nutrients and that the fallacy that we hear so far that pasteurized is really the way forward, what you're saying is that unpasteurized, raw milk is much better for you. 

A: Correct. Well, it has all the enzymes and vitamins. At a mere 141 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 50 degrees Centigrade. At that low of temperature, you destroy 50%, you cauterize 50% of the calcium alone, you destroy all the vitamin A, you alter all the vitamin D, you alter all the B vitamins in it. If raw milk were dangerous, the princes and the King and Queen of England wouldn't be drinking their own raw milk from their own cows.

Q: How did you get into raw meat then? 

A: Well, I turned into a fruitarian, I stopped drinking raw dairy, and eating raw dairy and eggs, because I wanted to be a true raw food fruitarian thinking that that was the ultimate and ideal way. But it didn't take into effect that the human body is only designed to have 5% carbohydrate in the body without forming a lot of advanced glycation end products that store in the body for a lifetime. Those advanced glycation end products cause a myriad diseases and it collects in there, breaks down the body, causes it to age twice as fast. And I went back into blood and bone cancer again. So I was traveling by bicycle for about two and a half years, living off the land, living with different Indian tribes, trying to find the answer, but in a closed minded way, in that I wanted to be a raw food fruitarian, vegetarian, even vegan. So it didn't work. By the time I had come to that point of two and a half years of living off the land, off of my bicycle, eating fruits off the trees, in the bushes and vines, I was down to 113 pounds. I'd gotten all the way down to 96 pounds. But then I started eating seven to 10 avocados a day to help me regain the weight. So I got two up to 113 pounds. But I went back into blood and bone cancer, was very weak. Every bone in my body ached if the temperature got below 28 degrees centigrade. I was freezing and aching in every joint. So I just wanted to die. I didn't want to go through it anymore. And I remembered an uncle telling my cousins and brothers when they're going rabbit hunting, that if they kill the wild rabbit, they had to cook it until it was brown inside because the wild rabbit has an organism, a microbe, that will take over the intestinal tract of a human and kill them violently and very, very painfully. And I thought well I've been through years and years of these true shading pain I can take two days easily. So I was in the desert and these coyotes had killed a jackrabbit and I got some of it and ate about three and a half pounds thinking it would kill me. And what it did was it gave me more life than I ever had before. And I went three days with this charge of energy, pain reduced by 60%. 

Q: That's unbelievable. 

A: So then I began eating meat every day, almost every day. At least three days a week. That was 1976, September of 76. By December of 82, I began eating meat daily, even twice daily. And that even made a bigger difference. So that's when I began healing more rapidly was when I started eating raw meat. And Italians eat raw meat, their carpaccio, French with their steak tartars, although Germans eat the most steak tartare in the world, and you have Kibbeh, which is raw lamb that's eaten all over the world. You have all of these raw meat dishes that are eaten all over the world. And if it were a problem, all these people would be dead and cultures would be gone.

Q: Absolutely, I think this is something very, very interesting. Because at the minute, like you said, the myth really is that things like raw meat, raw dairy, raw eggs are bad for you. Because the fear is of E.Coli or disease or bacteria. But you are somebody that's got living proof of the fact that by eating raw meat, raw milk, raw cheeses, raw eggs, you're basically saying that there is no disease and it's all a myth. Really, the way forward...

A: Yeah, I'm not saying that there's no disease, I'm saying that those good raw foods, as long as there's no industrial chemical involved in the production of it - they don't put chlorine in it, they don't put some kind of dye in it, they don't put some kind of anti bacterial into the milk. And on the meat, there will be no problem. But when you put industrial chemicals in anything, you create disease. The body is not designed to handle and make use of industrial chemicals. And our food is now subjected to 60,000 industrial chemicals - got that, 60,000 industrial chemicals - that did not exist 100 years ago.

Q: That's a huge figure

Our Ancestors Lives

A: And very little disease 100 years ago, sure we didn't have as long a life on the whole because we didn't have central air and air conditioning and heating. People went through dastardly cold times, and hot times. Now we're shielded from all that with the heat and air conditioning. Take for example, when there was a blackout in New York City during the winter in upstate New York. How many people died in 24 hours? 238 people died in 24 hours, from freezing to death. The temperature wasn't freezing, it was down to about five degrees centigrade. But they still froze. These people died of hypothermia. 

Q: Yes. 

A: And then in the heat spells that we've had, without air conditioning, when we haven't had electricity, also. I think was 406 people died during a three day heat spell without electricity on the east coast of America.

Q: Yeah, that's very true. That's very, very true.

A: So disease exists, but it does exist because of industrial chemicals, not because of bacteria. 

Q: Again, that's another common myth that people associate with different foods. And they feel that by actually cooking the meat or by heating up the milk, you're killing that bacteria. But really, the truth is that some of that bacteria is actually good for your system. It's good for your gut, and actually helps you. 

A: Yes, it does. There are janitorial bacteria, but there are a few such as salmonella...

You remember the years, well you don't remember, I'm 65 but I know you don't remember. But 100 years ago even before my time, they used to take a bath in June. They never took baths from let's say late September all the way to June, because it was too cold. People could die if they took baths. It took the fat off of their cells, off of their skin. And they could freeze to death very easily, just in one night. So nobody took baths unless they were of the elitist group, or royalty. Of course, they took baths but they had fireplaces all the time. Their bedrooms were heated with either hot rocks, or coal or wood. Somewhere they had their heat processes, so they could afford to take baths. When we don't take baths, salmonella is our main cleanser, our janitor. It eats the dead skin, dead cells off of our skin. If you take a swab of your nose, your nostril, you will find millions and millions of salmonella in your nostrils, in your ears, in your eyes. Those are janitorial bacteria, we need them. We don't need as many now on the skin because we take baths. We can wash the dead cells often so they don't have to be eaten off by salmonella.

Cleansing Agent

And all of your E.Coli is part of the intestinal bacteria that feeds your brain and nervous system. E.Coli is responsible for breaking down, for consuming the pre-digested fats and proteins and breaking them down into the finite molecule to feed the brain and the nervous system. So E.Coli is very, very important in the human system, in any animal body. 

Q: Okay, so what you're saying is that this bacteria is actually good for you, really does set the foundation for good health in the future. So things like E.Coli, which have been promoted as unhealthy, bad, and something that needs to die actually does play an essential part of maintaining good health in the body. 

A: Correct. And you have intestinal parasites that can help you get well that are janitors. Let's say you eat something heavily contaminated with an industrial chemical, let's say like you had an accident and got a lot of kerosene during food processing. Let's say like a natural vitamin, all natural vitamins. When they derive a nutrient to condense into a supplement, they have to take the substance from which they're going to extract it and dissolve it. If it's an unnatural vitamin, or supplement, they will use gasoline, like hexane. If it's a natural one, they'll use a kerosene derivative. So they're using kerosene to dissolve food, and then they will extract out of that the so called nutrient. Now when you soak a food in kerosene for 22 hours, 22 to 72 hours, that kerosene gets into everything. It etches in the to even the element that you want, whether it's a protein, amino acid, a vitamin like vitamin D, no matter what it is. When it's extracted from that dissolved food, you have kerosene predominating in all of it, and then they wash it for only two minutes at most. That doesn't wash anything out of it. It has penetrated that tissue of the element you want, or the nutrients you want. So then when they make it into a supplement, on top of that, compress into a pill, there are more industrial chemicals involved. There are 60,000 chemicals involved in processing food. When somebody tells you there's a natural supplement it is a complete lie. Now most of the people who are manufacturing these don't know it because they've never been into their laboratory. The laboratory wants the work so they say ‘oh yes, we can make a vitamin naturally like that’. But that person who's asking to have a supplement made for their company has no idea they're going to use the only two things that are available - kerosene and gasoline - to dissolve and make those supplements. 

What you are never told about supplements

Q: So what you're saying Aajonus is that all supplements, really that have been marketed as completely natural vitamins and minerals are not completely natural simply because they have been heavily processed using kerosene and gasoline which are extremely poisonous and toxic for the body. 

A: Yes, well the government has warp-written the word natural. Kerosene is natural, gasoline is not. But would you drink gas, would you drink kerosene even though its natural? Of course not it would kill you instantly. If you drank, let's say an ounce of it, and didn't vomit it. They could literally kill you in about an hour. So even though some things may be identified as natural and not truly everything natural is good for you. And kerosene certainly isn't. Volcanic lava it is natural, but you wouldn't drink that.

Q: Good point.

A: You wouldn't eat it. You would damage yourself severely. There are things that are natural, that are not conducive to health of any animal. And of course, kerosene is not. Any chemical that's used in the food has detrimental effects, long term as it is collective.

Q: Okay, so what you're saying really is to really be wary of any supplements. If you are currently taking any supplements, whether you're in hospital, or you're listening from home, or you're listening from wherever you are all over the world, be wary of any supplements that you take, because the truth really is, as Aajonus said to us, is that all supplements that have been heavily processed, that have been marketed as natural aren't always good for you, especially because they've all been processed using kerosene, and gasoline. So really the answer is not supplements. The answer really is eating raw, a raw food diet consisting of raw meats, and raw dairy...

A: And raw eggs and raw fruit, a little bit of raw fruit, and a little bit of raw vegetable juice. That's basically my primal diet.

Q: And how long have you been eating the Primal Diet?

Reversal of diseases; A Healthy Lifestyle

A: Well, it took me many, many years to develop it and perfect to where it could reverse 95% of all diseases. So I've been eating my version, let's say polished version of the Primal Diet for about 20 years. 

Q: Wow. It's unbelievable. And as somebody who is a nutritional counselor, you've helped people from all over the world, with all many different illnesses and diseases and things like that. And you have so many testimonials of people telling you how amazing your raw Primal Diet is. So it's really fascinating work, that you have mastered something, because you personally have been through this experience yourself, and know really what works and what doesn't work. 

A: Yes. I know that a lot of people hear you saying, or heard you say that so many testimonials, and you've read them. That's why you know, and you can go to wewant2live.com. And they can also go to primaldiet.com and read all the 1000s of testimonials. 

Q: Absolutely. I think your work is groundbreaking, impressive and something that really has the edge. And it's got a lot of people talking because it's not an everyday subject you hear about people eating raw meats. It's something fascinating. So if you are interested in learning more about Aajonus's work, I would highly, highly recommend you read his book We Want To Live: The Primal Diet. So it's his autobiography. And his book actually has two parts. So Part one is the actual story. And Part two is the health side of things where you actually understand your health and how when you actually have a disease or suffering from illness, how you can actually cure that using raw meats, raw dairy and raw eggs. So it really is a very comprehensive book and it's available at PrimalDiet.net.. I'd highly recommend it because it's a fantastic read. Aajonus, you've also got a workshop coming up in Helsinki.

Aajonus in person

A: Yes, I will be doing workshop, several workshops and lectures at a convention and health convention in Helsinki. And then I will also go to another city in Finland and do a lecture and see patients there. So I'll be there about 12 days. If anyone's interested in seeing me in Finland, go to wewant2live.com and look up my schedule there and see who to contact in Finland to get a console or come to a lecture, if you would like to do that. 

Q: Fantastic

A: It's much closer to you and to UK than coming to California, that's for sure. 

Q: Absolutely. I think the dates you mentioned in Finland are the fifth to the eighth of July. So if you are interested in having a one on one...

A: Well that's one convention, the fifth to the eighth. But I'll be doing other lectures there and seeing patients all the way through to the 17th of July.

Q: Okay. So the dates in Helsinki, though, are the fifth to the eighth of July. So if you are interested in having a one on one consultation with Aajonus, it really is a great opportunity and I actually might take that offer up myself, because I'm very keen on improving my health and my fitness and if you are interested too, or if you know somebody who has an illness or a disease or if you are yourself very interested in proving your mental-physical well being and really want to know what it is to get that extra edge to feel vital again, then I'd highly recommend that you read his book, do a bit of research and if you can get yourself over to Helsinki, it will be an opportunity not to miss. So thank you so much Aajonus for joining us today on WHR, it's been a real pleasure. It's been very interesting and I hope our listeners have been have been awakened.

A: That would be lovely. Thank you, Jaina, very much.

Note: PrimalDiet.net is the portal to Aajonus's information.  Check it out yourself.

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