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Weight Loss Program

Weight gain can be unwanted during long periods of inactivity such as lockdown. Aajonus answers questions regarding his weight loss program.

Weight Loss and Weight Gain are fairly easy to accomplish on the Primal Diet, not for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons. The essential reason, in my own (Jim’s) words, is that on the weight loss phase of the Primal Diet, a person gets rid of a lot of toxins that are stored in fat. During the weight gain phase, one builds up healthy fat. In the following quotes from Aajonus, he is speaking to individuals all of whom have read at least one and most likely both of his books. In order for you to really benefit most from the following passages, we recommend We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and The Recipe for Living Without Disease. You will understand.

Q: You told me to do eggs two days a week. Can I drink anything with those eggs or eat any fruit?

Aajonus: If you do, you’re not going to gain on your weight loss. Remember eggs eaten with other food causes weight gain, eggs eaten alone causes weight. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Start your day

Q: For weight loss should I have this first thing in the morning instead of juice?

Aajonus: I would say always have cheese first thing in the morning no matter what, to absorb the poisons dumped from the stomach lining. Then juice after you have the cheese. Then sip all day but let at least a half hour pass between sports drink and meat. Have a half-cup of milk before bed. If wake up at night, suck an egg. The body has to go five hours before protein deficiency and the red blood cells start eating each other. If you can’t get back to sleep, have another half cup of milk. May 20, 2012 - - - - - - - - -

Q: I've been doing the juice and egg and juice and meat rotation. … ...The first couple of days I lost like a whole size and was incredibly hungry all the time. Is this just caloric restriction or what exactly is causing the weight loss?

Aajonus: The body begins to utilize its toxic carb-storages along with the enormous water-retention involved with carb-storages. Then it begins to dissolve the toxic fat storages that don't require as much water-retention. Aajonus’s hard drive

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After Weight Gain

Aajonus: After you gain all the weight you start a diet of minimal food. You start off with a cup of vegetable juice. Then you wait until you are very hungry, not stupid hungry or irritable hungry but very hungry then you have one egg rocky style. I do not want to hear wipe-outs here.

Q: Can I whip it with something?

No. Eat the egg raw straight down. Then when you get hungry again you have another vegetable juice and you do that all day long until you go to sleep. So it is juice-egg-juice-egg-juice-egg-juice. Then ready for bed. Some people only get through 2 eggs a day and some only get through 3 a day. The next day it is juice and meat (a golf ball sized amount of meat). It is juice-meat-juice- meat-juice-meat… the same thing again. So it is 1 day with the egg and juice and 2 days with the meat and juice. Then you are back to the egg and juice again. …2 days with the meat and juice. And you continue that for as long as it takes you to drop that weight. Aajonus’s hard drive - - - - - - - - -

Aajonus: The [alternative] second one [weight loss program] that I give to a lot of people is: juice-egg-juice-meat-juice-egg day. The next day I give: juice-meat-juice-egg-juice. You know one day you will start with the egg after the juice and one day you will start with the meat after the juice.
Some people are so toxic and their lymphatic system is so congested that I will have them eat two days of the egg and then two days with the meat. Or, one day with the meat and two days with the egg, depending upon – but that is an individual thing for those weight loss programs.
November 17, 2000

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Advice from Aajonus

You eat lots of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want to lose weight. November 18, 2007 - - - - - - - - -

You eat lots of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want to lose weight. November 18, 2007 - - - - - - - - -

In the recipe book, under weight loss, you have meat without any kind of fat with it, except for a little bit just so you don’t dry out completely. So you eat lots of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want to lose weight. November 18, 2007 - - - - - - - - -

...It means when you get hungry [during weight loss] whether it is mental or physical.  Only an hour has to go by.  Nobody usually gets hungry within an hour eating the raw foods.  Sometimes after the first juice an hour can seem like forever.  But once you have either your raw egg or your golf ball size of raw meat that usually makes the transition.  So every hour you can be eating. From Aajonus’s hard drive

We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and The Recipe for Living Without Disease are highly recommended first so you have the healthy raw food diet going for you.