Vegetarian for 45 years now Applauds the Primal Diet

Here is what happened to get me on the Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.
Twice I fell down stairs on my back and then for the first time ever I had high, very high blood pressure and I got dizzy, I fell over and was afraid to get into my car. Then for approximately a month I was disoriented; one time when asked a question I could not put the words together or even think of the words I wanted to say, and actually went way out of my way trying to get home because of disorientation.
Near the end of the period, over a month, I was feeling so bad and didn’t even care to go on living in that condition and then it got somewhat worse and I asked a friend to drive me to the health food store where I bought some ground beef, eggs, milk and raw honey. (Now the funny part to everyone that knew me, I was a vegetarian and vegan for almost 45 years and they had never seen me deviate from this.)
My friend drove me and when I started with a little meat, maybe a tablespoon’s worth of raw meat, then later some milk, eggs and honey blended, also raw – probably drinking about 1-2 quarts of milk with maybe 2-4 eggs I felt much, much better the next day. I also have been including raw coconut oil and coconut butter to my diet.
Since then, some 3-4 months ago, I feel much better, my head is clear and I have had only a very few bouts of dizziness and nothing major.
I still don’t eat much meat, but believe I should and probably will, but have had around 2-3 or so quarts of milk a day with 4 or more raw eggs a day and I feel very good and I do have 4 scrambled eggs 2 or 3 times a week along with the raw ones with the milk products.
My blood pressure had come down but is still in a very high rate but I don’t have the terrible feelings and expect that it will come down more as I continue on the diet.
I don’t know of any diet program which has made more sense and works as fast and from what I am reading it might be one of the more excellent diets for us.
Thanks for keeping the flame going with Aajonus’ writing.
Bruce M., Seattle, Washington
PS: it is alright for you to use this testimony as it might help others.

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