Tooth and gum disorders

TOOTH AND GUM DISORDERS usually occur from poor assimilation of minerals. Processed minerals, including metallic, from canned food, Novocain, vaccines, medical or recreational drugs, chlorinated and fluorinated waters, processed cheese, and caffeine (including chocolate) are especially harmful for, and often causative in, tooth and gum conditions.

Root canals sometimes result in large deep abscesses that affect the entire body. Those abscesses can cause general fatigue, neck and shoulder soreness and stiffness, and reddened eye(s). I have seen very debilitating conditions as a result of the body trying to dissolve and remove nerve and bone toxicity around teeth, especially root canals. Fatigue that results may continue for years as long as the infection continues. Even on a healthy diet, the toxicity around the teeth may require more nutrients than most people can eat. Therefore, if persistent infection occurs, it may be preferable to have a root-canal tooth extracted.

Amalgam fillings, called silver fillings, contain large quantities of toxic mercury and should not be used to fill teeth. The best dental filling material is porcelain or ceramic inlays. For crowns and bridges, I suggest using those that are reinforced with gold because so much more of your tooth will remain. I have seen gold-reinforced crowns last 30 years. If you use only ceramic or porcelain crowns or bridges, each tooth must be severely ground to a small post. That little post of a tooth that remains may easily break in 1-5 years. Then, if you want to have a stable tooth, you must have a root canal or an artificial tooth must be drilled and screwed into the jaw bone.

Drinking plenty of full-fat raw milk begins reversing those problems. If raw milk is not available, eating raw fish works almost as well. Drinking raw milk and eating raw fish speed the healing process in most people. See Pyorrhea, page 305. See Mineral Deficiency, page 291.

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