Thyroid problem

Underactive: Symptoms: poor-looking hair, low energy level, fearful nature.

Eating unsulfured non-steamed dates with no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal quantity of raw fat energizes the thyroid. Eating plenty of alkalizing foods (like tomato) cleanses the thyroid, especially of toxic minerals, including those caused by table salts. See Alkalizing Food, page 178. For a balanced diet, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12.

Eating no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh raw ocean fish (including scallops, oysters or clams), whole raw milk, Nut Formula (page 194) and, occasionally, ¼ teaspoon of sun-dried clay mixed in fresh raw vegetable juices or smoothies supplies the thyroid with minerals it needs to properly function and produce hormones. Mixing 5 drops of organically grown vanilla extract into fresh raw juice or smoothies helps stimulate the thyroid. See Vanilla Extract, page 201.

If headaches are experienced, tomatoes should not be eaten for a week or more. In that circumstance, tomatoes may produce too heavy of detoxification, causing the blood to become too toxic and raising blood pressure.

If this diet doesn’t correct the condition within eleven weeks, eating a natural raw thyroid glandular supplement may be necessary. However, if neither the diet nor the glandular supplement helps, going to a doctor for prescription thyroid hormones may be required for proper hormonal balance.

Overactive: See Hyperactive, page 272, and Hyperthyroid, page 273.

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