The Primal Diet – is it the most appropriate diet for all mankind ?

Some weeks after my initial inquiry, I am compelled to give my view as many others have done before me. After reading dozens of testimonials relating to your nutritional advice and discovering the Primal diet blog, I have summoned the courage to speak (I'm a little shy).

It seems that for most of us who are conscious of our nutritional protocol, the journey towards the Primal diet follows a remarkably similar path. One's initial inquiries into nutritional knowledge tend to reveal the obvious flaws in the macronutrient profiles of the mainstream diets, such as low fat, low carb, high protein, all forms of vegetarianism and various other 'extreme' examples of 'macro' manipulation. Upon the failure of these diets, most broaden their knowledge on the subject by focusing on the less mainstream information loosely based on the 'principles' derived from the works of the 'traditional' types (Price and Pottenger) such as Sally Fallon, Loren Cordain (paleo) etc., and even the more abstract findings on enzyme nutrition published by the likes of Dr.Edward Howell. It is here that the raw food spark is ignited, but sadly at these crossroads, many are misled by the 'common knowledge' that raw animal products, particularly meat, cannot be be included in such a diet, and consequently, the raw vegan/fruitarian approach is adopted. The evolution may stop here for a while, as many believe this to be the ultimate human diet, but subtle changes in body chemistry are occurring and soon the sense that an important component is lacking becomes apparent. For me personally, this is not quite where The Primal Diet steps in, for that missing component of my diet was instinctively known to be raw meat. However I needed confirmation before I attempted to consume this 'dangerous delicacy'. The Primal Diet literature gave me the confidence to do so, and hence has been the most influential and single most important discovery of my dietary evolution. I have now followed the Primal Diet for 2 years.

Aajonus, you are the bearer of the the most valuable, scientifically fascinating, and biologically appropriate diet for humankind. Please know that I am forever grateful for your work, and that I intend to promote your work here in Australia (with your permission).

Thanks again,
Scott W.- Sydney, Australia.

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  1. On June 3, 2011 at 9:23:00 PM PDT, Louvaine said…

    As a fellow sydneysider I would be very keen to learn where you are sourcing your dairy and meat products from as I feel from years of a raw fruit and vegetable I am very much missing something and having read the primal diet feel this could be the answer!

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