Testimonial from Tasha

When I first heard about eating raw meats from people, I too reacted this way. I said 😏🙏"raw meat will give you parasites and bacteria, this is dangerous to our health"🙏.
Then I 💖ACCEPTED HOW WRONG I WAS💖 I was open to that however. then I read Aajonus Books and found his videos online.

I came from health retreat background and natural therapies training who I now know don't know anything. I was not in good health despite all the natural therapies and diet and supplements.

We need to introduce people to this way of eating by having them listen to Aajonus first as they are just as dedicated to healthy eating as I was. But we were fooled thinking we were so well informed. And we were well informed by well meaning people who did not know they were fooled either.

Change can be hard when our entire life was dedicated to doing the right thing yet to be challenged by another truth. Imagine what that does to our psyche.

From Tasha Powers, Queensland, Australia

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