Do You Suffer From Any of These?

Before and After Comparison Showing Gains on

the Primal Diet

[Before the Primal Diet] I weighed 108 lbs. (at 5’4″) and suffered regularly from various unexplained maladies including

  • frequent daytime grogginess from poor sleep,
  • frequent headaches,
  • pale complexion and
  • very volatile energy levels.

These were all health issues, which had been with me for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have periodically sought help from health practitioners, various naturopaths, MDs, acupuncturists, to try and find either explanations or remedies for these issues. I worked for several years in the health food industry as a bakery manager in a large natural foods store and maintained a healthy lifestyle, which included exercise and whole foods. However, no healing modalities or nutritional systems I had encountered offered relief from my mysterious maladies, and my ongoing so-so state of health was often considered by my friends and myself as the norm that I must accept for me.
[I began eating] lots of … raw fats and vegetable juices and avoided most fruits, which had composed up to 20% of my diet before, and now avoided all carbohydrates [starches]. The first thing I noticed from being on the diet was a

  • monumental and unwavering increase in my mental clarity.
  • I consistently feel alert and present in a way I generally did not before eating this way.
  • My frequent headaches also disappeared.
  • I now no longer have a pale complexion
  • and my energy level is consistently high.
  • Most importantly I no longer experience the very disconcerting daytime grogginess that frequently plagued me all my life.

In the empirical sense alone, agreeing with the lymphatic crisis and repair scenario has become unavoidable.

Several years ago I made a resolute attempt to solve my underweight problem  Under the direction of a naturopathic physician I undertook a regular weight lifting routine combined with huge amounts of amino acid and vitamin supplements which amounted to a disappointing weight gain of only 2 lbs. over the course of several months.

With the primal diet I have now gained 24 lbs. of predominantly muscle tissue over the course of only a few months and am continuing to gain. Knowing my body, I must say that is no small miracle.

Even better than that however, is a new sense of inner strength and support that I have. I feel like a house that is having its faulty foundation replaced, piece by piece, with care and attention.

The Primal Diet - An Actual Solution!

In a world filled with symptomatic remedies which often sacrifice the whole for a few peripheral benefits the primal diet would seem to constitute an actual solution, a missing piece, a way of truly addressing the root cause of illness.

It is my hope that the reader of this letter will consider that the primal diet may indeed “rebuild the house” in a way that should seem alarmingly important for these times of climbing disease rates and mysterious malaise.
– Andy R.

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