Aajonus speech to the 28th Cancer Control Society (CCS) 2000


by speaker Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Scientist and Nutritionist

Hello. Probably, this is going to be the opposite of everything you have heard. I have listened to everyone tell people with cancer that the main thing they must do is: "Have the will to live". If you are like I was, that is impossible. When I suffered cancer I was in so much pain, agony, depression and fear that I simply wanted to die. But I couldn't kill myself for many reasons. I prayed to die but obviously that didn't happen. All I could do was take the best care of myself as I understood anything to be the best for me at any particular time. I did not get all of the answers at once. I did not find any magic bullets. It took many years for me to recover, physically and emotionally.

I was toxic and very sickly as a child. By the time I reached 20 years old, I had developed cancer of the stomach and quickly degenerated from there. It all started with many tetanus shots and other vaccines with Thimerosal. Thimerosal is in all vaccines as an antibacterial and booster made of mercury. It causes mercury-poisoning. By age 19, I developed a stomach ulcer that was medically treated. It became tumorous. Doctors treated the tumor with surgery and radiation and those treatments gave me blood and bone cancers, which is Multiple Myeloma. (Very few people have survived cancers of the bone and blood. I am the only medically treated 32-year survivor of it and I am 53 years young.) Then the doctors treated my Multiple Myeloma with chemotherapy that caused the cancer to metastasize to my lymph. I ended up crippled. I was relatively paralyzed from the chest down.

I decided the doctors did not have a clue about health. I left them completely and began the study of nutrition. It turned my life around very gradually. I lived from a couch. To maneuver, I had to roll off the couch and, using my elbows, crawl 18 feet to the kitchen or 20 feet to the bathroom. Sometimes it took me 30 minutes. Sometimes I had to rest for 30 minutes to maneuver 10 feet. It took me 13 years to create a diet that completely healed me.

To discover which diets might be cancer preventive and possibly cancer-reversing, we must look at the cultures that had no cancer. Before the Germans brought cauldrons to the Eskimo, they did not cook any food. Ninety-nine percent of their diet was animal products, meat and animal fat. They had absolutely no degenerative disease. The first degenerative disease in an Eskimo was found in a 50-year-old man who had been living in a German colony eating white man's food, breads and sugars, for most of his life. He developed a dental carrie. Until then the Eskimo had no cavities. The first case of cancer was not until 1934, after 100 years of eating cooked and processed food. Also, look at the Masai tribe in Africa. They eat nothing but raw milk and raw meat, and when raw milk is scare they drink raw blood mixed with raw milk. They are considered the healthiest, tallest, strongest, smartest tribe in the world and do not have cancer. There are many cultures that thrived on raw food including raw meat.

All cooked foods create toxins in the body. Over a long period of time these toxins collect in mass. With cooked carbohydrates, no matter if it is fruit or grains, potatoes, or any kind of grain- and potato-product, Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) form in the body. AGEs are the byproduct of spent glycogen, similar to monoxides being the result of burned gasoline in cars. New York City Medical University researched AGEs and found that AGEs store in a healthy body at a rate of 70%. That means every time we eat a carbohydrate, whether it is raw or cooked fruit, grain, cookie, or whatever, we will store at least 70% of that toxin. In an unhealthy body AGEs store at a rate of 90%. Basically this is an argument against the human body being a grain, root or fruit eater, and why so much diabetes has developed.

What happens with this AGE product is the body tries to neutralize it with mainly fats and some protein. If it can't find the proper fat or protein, AGEs bind with bile and hormones, such as adrenaline, and cause plaguing throughout the system, intracelluarly or extracellularly. Cholesterol is involved in bile and all forms of chelation processes to neutralize and prevent toxins from damaging our bodies. Those who are in the know know that cholesterol is really not the major problem in cancer or heart-disease. AGEs create a progressive environment for cancer because cancer thrives in a glycogen-based environment. People who eat grains and even carrot juice are at greater risk of cancer. Most of the cases that I followed who ate raw carrot juice and other high carbohydrate food, such as beet, went into remission for a period (months or years) and then redeveloped cancer. If we eat cooked flesh foods heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides form which are carcinogenic and store in our bodies.

We gamble when we try magic bullets like medical therapy and supplements. We gamble if we continue to eat cooked food because we do not know exactly what vitamins and enzymes are needed and in what proportion to counter balance those destroyed and the toxins formed when eating cooked food. What happens when we eat a cooked food is that our pancreases send hormones to every cell that says, "I need you to give me enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients destroyed by cooking if we are to utilize the cooked food. Also, we have heterocyclic amines, lipid peroxides, AGEs, and other toxins, and no enzymes and nutrients with which to neutralize them". Every time we eat a cooked food we leach from our bodies' constitutions. Each time we weaken our cells, we weaken ourselves. If we eat raw foods only, we always supply the nutrients necessary without leaching them from our bodies.

I found that if we drink 2 cups of raw green vegetable juice a day it takes care of the additional enzymes and alkalinity necessary to balance the body. If we drink an extra 2 cups, very gradually we re-supply all of the enzymes lost throughout the years of eating cooked food. It makes a lot of sense and it works. Since my stomach-cancer surgery, I have perpetual cottonmouth and very acidic blood. My consumption of vegetable juice not only re-supplies enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it counterbalances my acidic blood and cottonmouth. I drink 4 cups of raw green vegetable juice a day , about 60-80% celery, 20% parsley and summer squash such as zucchini or cucumber. I drink the juice between my meals an hour before and an hour after any other food. I have my raw green vegetable juice when I wake to alkalinize my blood. An hour later, I eat raw flesh food with extra raw fat such as unsalted raw butter. When I need food again, I drink a milkshake with raw milk, raw eggs and a little unheated honey. At least an hour later, I drink raw green vegetable juice again. I repeat the pattern 2-3 times a day.

You have heard, I am sure, of people who say that people with cancer should not eat meat, that meat is carcinogenic, that meat will poison you. That is true, specifically for cooked meat, especially when fried, because of the formation of heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides. However if you eat raw meat the results are just the opposite.

I reversed my Multiple Myeloma and other cancers, plus 4 other incurable diseases (diabetes, psoriasis, angina pectoris, and bursitis - all painful) with my particular diet. I eat all raw foods. I do not cheat. I eat raw milk, lots of raw eggs and lots of raw meat, including chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, beef, lamb, and other flesh food.

Many of you may be wondering: But what about bacterial food-poisoning? The "pathogen" issue has been theoretical, that is, it is speculation. It has been assumption and presumption. No scientific experimentation has conclusively proved it. I had a vagotomy when I had the stomach surgery 33 years ago. That means the doctor severed every nerve to my stomach. I do not generate HCL in my stomach. The surgery put me in a class with octogenarians who do not secrete HCL, and who, they say, have likelihood of developing bacterial and parasitical food-poisoning, to which there is likelihood of death.

To disprove this bacteria- and parasitic-propaganda years after my surgery, I ate decomposing parasite-infested salmon that was undulating with pinworms. I had my feces checked for 10 weeks afterward. Feces and blood tests showed I did not develop parasites. Also, I ate fluke-infested calf's brain and chicken tripe. I did not develop parasites. I supervised lab tests with animals that were fed parasite-infested meat. None developed parasites. Any degenerative tissue that exists in our bodies attracts, creates and gestates worms to rid ourselves of degenerative tissue. It is a natural recycling process within our bodies. I speculate that every cell is blessed with dormant parasites for the day when degeneration becomes too prominent and they must perform their ecological function.

In one test I supervised, we used dogs and cats that were already fluke-infested. They were not infested with the same flukes because finding enough all the same type was too difficult. We did not spike (infuse) any of them with parasites. We tried to separate the animals into categories: brain, intestinal and heart flukes but we could not do it evenly so we put them all together. We had an equal number of cats and equal number of dogs that we separated into 3 groups. Group 1, Division A ate regular kibble, caned food and received pharmaceutical de-wormers. Group 1, division B ate the same but received homeopathic or herbal de-wormers. Group 2, Division A ate all raw meat with bones, raw butter and raw eggs, and received pharmaceutical de-wormers. Group 2, Division B ate the same but received herbal or homeopathic de-wormers. Group 3 ate all raw meat with bones, raw butter and raw eggs but did not receive any de-wormers.

In Group 1, B and A, 40-60 %, respectively, died and those that recovered were rather lethargic. In Group 2, B and A, 10-30%, respectively, died. In Group 3 there were no deaths. Group 3 took longer before symptoms of parasites disappeared but when symptoms disappeared, some took as long as 6 months, they acted as if they were puppies and kittens, even if the animals were 13-15 years old. After some of Group 3 died of natural causes years later, the lab technician autopsied them and found that the tissues looked quite renewed with excellent color and tone. So the only conclusion we could come to was that the parasites fed on the degenerative tissue and that because the animals ate raw meat they regenerated tissue quickly, preventing ulceration and mass infection, which is the only risk in parasitical activity.

Here are two other experiments that reveal "pathogens" are beneficial and that the label "pathogen" is a misnomer. The University of Toronto used the verotoxins produced by E.coli to completely dissolve brain tumors in 5-7 days including vessels going to the tumors. Dr. Lowe at Yale University shrunk tumors with salmonella. We should not be afraid of "pathogens".

I followed a raw-food vegetarian/fruitarian program in my exploration/experimentation for 6 1/2 years. After 5 years I notice that the diet was decomposing my bone and other tissue. That is when I accepted that the one thing I had adamantly resisted would be my last chance and only promise: Eating raw meat. It worked and I gradually achieved health.

You may be thinking: But what about all of those people who died of food-poisoning? There have been many medical reports that stated microbial food-poisoning as cause of death. In every case that I investigated, the reports described symptoms of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) rather than food-poisoning. In an infinitesimal number of cases, I have never seen one, a person may die from dehydration and/or excessive bleeding caused by a ruptured stomach or bowel from violent vomiting or diarrhea. Those experiences are more likely to occur from eating contaminated cooked and processed food. People get diarrhea and/or nausea on any diet. Whether eating raw food or cooked, diarrhea and vomiting indicate that toxic bile and other toxins dump into stomach and colon. The few people on a raw diet who have experienced diarrhea or vomiting and let it run its course developed wonderful health.

When any foreign substance causes traumatic allergic reactions it is called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is common with injected antibiotics and vaccines. Basically, in each of the 132 reports that I reviewed that claimed those people died of bacterial food-poisoning were false claims. The medical reports described, before death, symptoms of anaphylaxis. Basically, they died from medical treatment with antibiotics and/or other medication. The moral is, if I experienced a detoxification in the form of vomiting or diarrhea my chances of living would be great if I let it run its course, as with a cold or flu, eat properly, and stay completely away from medical treatment.

Another issue to address is the unavailability of certain raw food, such as raw dairy. I've experienced and witnessed that eating raw dairy facilitates healing and recovery. Because we have so much confusion about raw food and bacteria, unavailability of raw dairy is problematic. Bacteria-phobia in the medically control county, state and federal health departments has forced many raw food out of most of our counties and states. Fresh raw dairy has become very expensive as well as difficult to acquire. But if we insist and persist, we will get it in every state.

I have not pursued an exercise program in over 21 years. My exercise is getting up from my computer to go to the restroom, kitchen and bed, sex, and lecturing and advising from a chair. My girlfriend persuades me to walk with her at the beach once a month. Although I used to be either very fat on the Standard American Diet, or very skinny on a vegan diet, I maintain developed muscles and remain fit simply by eating my present diet.

I have suggested the above-stated diet pattern for hundreds of people with terminal illnesses, not just cancer, and it has consistently worked. In 98% percent of instances of disease, they have reversed unless medical therapies or harmful alternatives had been utilized. That does not mean that diseases completely disappeared over night but that they began and continued to reverse all diseased conditions. Out of all the heart conditions whether it was plaguing or collapsed arteries the diet reversed 85%. Diabetes was controlled completely so that insulin was no longer required in 95% of all cases. My diet is a far stretch for most people and the food is moderately expensive but it is less expensive than trying to replace enzymes and vitamins destroyed in cooked food with very expensive supplements, and a fraction of the cost of medical treatment.

We do not have to be concerned about anything other than eating food that is full of the enzymes and other nutrients that give us balanced healthy life, getting sunshine, and avoiding as much pollution as possible. This diet may be desirable for a few people but if you want to reverse disease it is very successful and available.

In my book, "We Want to Live" (www.wewant2live.com) you will find many testimonials, the experiences of people who have tried this particular diet and triumphed. I hope that my experience will be helpful to you.

Thank you very much.

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