Smoking addiction

SMOKING ADDICTION is rarely an addiction to nicotine. It is always a need for enzymes and blood sugar. Smoking causes a toxic response in the body that forces the liver to produce hormones that call for stored sugars. The preferred blood sugar glycogen is made of the protein sugar pyruvate that is best obtained from eating raw meat. It can enter the blood to help arrest monoxides and tars. The raised blood sugar level causes a rush of energy. The rush from smoking is not a healthy way to raise blood sugar and enzymes to increase energy because monoxides and tars poison and kill cells and clog the body. Over many years, if those tars remain in the body, they crystallize and clog and dry many bodily systems, especially kidneys and lungs.

A raw diet high in unheated honey, raw unripe fruit, raw fat, and raw meat is a preferable way to keep blood sugar levels and energy high. Eating unripe melons and pink grapefruit help the body remove tars from membranes and blood. Drinking a blended mixture of ½-1 cup fresh unripe pineapple or apple, ½-1 cup peeled cucumber, ¼-½ cup unheated honey, ½ teaspoon raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 4 tablespoons raw coconut cream 3 days weekly helps dissolve tars and tar crystals. Drinking that mixture and eating fresh raw fruit in combination with raw fat every 3-4 hours, and whenever you crave a smoke, and taking deep breaths of air, especially fresh air, usually alleviate the craving for a smoke.

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