Rheumatic fever

RHEUMATIC FEVER is a detoxification of connective tissue linking muscles, cartilage, and bone. It occurs mainly in children, ages 4-18, whose lymph systems are impaired. Rheumatic fever is characterized by fever, swelling and pain in joints, sore throat, and heart complications, and often is caused by vaccines, antibiotics, medications, or toxins consumed by the mother during fetal development. When a wholesome raw diet had not been adhered to during this process, the RNA and DNA were further damaged, causing residual problems, such as heart disease, arthritis, chorea, tissue and skin problems. Rheumatic fever occurs in people who lack enzyme-mutations for eating cooked green and cooked red fruits and vegetables, causing acidity and other volatile toxins that damage cells. Usually, molds are active in this condition, affecting connective tissue and the heart.

Avoiding cooked green and cooked red fruits and vegetables is a start.
See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174.
Eating plenty of fresh raw alkalizing foods most often relaxed symptoms within three weeks. However, the energy level often remained low until the heart was repaired. Eating a balanced raw diet, including raw meat at least 5 days weekly, usually stabilized the heart within six months. Complete healing takes many years.

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