Raw Food Diet Replaces Vegan, Vegetarian Diet

You may receive some whole pile of letters from around the world. But I'm so glad you didn't balk at reading mail I sent you. I must admit that those your replies, never mind short and concise, greatly boosted my morale levels and just inspire to always move further in terms of Primal Diet. Yes, it must be confessed that you are my guru or master, or mentor even despite I've never talked to you... It is difficult to imagine how much people you have saved by just giving so natural healthgiving tips and hints. Although I've never met any raw meat eater at all, eating this way helps me to feel like I'm a part of the increasing Primal family!

I don't want to take your time but I'd like to share with you some of my latest Primal Diet experiences. In my previous letters I mentioned that I started eating your way after exhausting vegan/vegetarian diet (my weight back than was c. 115 lb). Four months have passed and I much improved my general health and weight in particular. I reached my "personal best" which equals 175 lb. First, while adding near 6 lb every seven days, I thought I would never stop gaining weight but last week it remained stable without any changes in the diet. I became far more fatty and have a little belly I think. Now I realize it is a high time to start the weight-loss plan.

Before I started raw meats "therapy" I suffered from constant tirredness and weakness as a result of veganism and malnutrition. Thus, fats, proteins and other nutrients have done its part and with so desirable lbs of weight gain I also getrid of the above conditions and started to regain previous vigour, strenth and alertness. Both in terms of weight and general well-being my health have significantly improved and I got noticeably better and healthier appearance.

Also some inner changes may as well have occured. As high-fruit-no-fat vegan diet may have impaired some of the organs (suppose, liver, kidney and pancreas) plenty of raw fats I consumed over this four months definitely helped a lot! While I'm not an expert to asses the possible damage done not at any price in the world I would go and consult a doctor... Be as it is. My idea is that if raw food cannot help than nothing can!

I also have some other benefits to report. It seems this diet makes me happy, relaxed and philosophical person all in all. I've found the right way and I still do think the only in this life. As hard may I try I cannot put the other case so spiritually-lifting and health-giving thing as Primal Diet is. It's termless and so enjoyable experience which allows you to fully rejoice in life's pleasures. It brings enormous mental clarity, helps to keep self-control and peace of mind. Words fail me...

Yes, this style certainly don't lack any passion and that's what insipres me most. I wouldn't say that I crave much attention but such an approach tends to result in a fragmented argument. I must admit that most often you'll be in the limelight due to out of this world habit of eating. What the hell do I care?

Following the Primal Diet you always have to act in cold blood and with some composure plus to have a level head... To succeed you'd better take everythung coolly, esp. criticism, abuse and malicious attacks 😉
You may end up as a public favorite or completely fail and become social outcast. Things may be different in the USA but it's reality here (in Ukraine), a very sad one though!

I do my best to be tolerable among the elder public, especially when eating-out. I'm willing to do anything in reason but is it possible at all? It seems as if I'm damned to eternal silence, strange looks and ironical remarks... Honestly, I wouldn't swap my attitude for ordinary routine. All in all I never fail to see the the good of doing this and that what takes me forward. Maybe the only thing I wish would be to one day attend Primal potluck, meet some nice like minded RAW people, chat with you and read your books. Thank you a million once again! You are the BEST, ever! warmest regards,

-- Yuriy

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  1. On August 13, 2009 at 5:38:00 AM PDT, Yuri said…

    Hi Jim
    Yesterday when I was talking to my Primal Diet friend from the US, she asked me if I were the author of that testimonial. It was a huge pleasure to find my personal letter to Aajonus published on your blog.

    I wrote that letter at the beginning of June 2007. At that time, as a result of intense healing power of Primal Diet, I enjoyed by far the best health of my entire life. Unfortunately, soon after that I made another silly mistake, which proved to be even more crushing and shattering to me than raw veganism. I embarked on intermittent fasting. Eating one meal per day or one meal every other day for nearly one year ruined me big time. I developed cold intolerance, poor digestion, loin pain, poor healing, the lot. I understood how bad I was last spring.

    So now it’s been one year and a half since I’ve been trying to fix my exhausted adrenals, boost my thyroid function, speed up my metabolism, improve my digestion and correct my hormonal imbalance. Despite I’m still yet to experience any pick up in my health, I do continue to believe in the curing potential of raw animals foods and Primal Diet itself. I hope I’ll be back very soon with another glad testimonial and sunny smile on my face…

    Yuri from Kiev, Ukraine

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