Radioactivity and Cancerous Activity Now Handled – Deepest Thanks!

Primal Diet Lecture And Iridology Results

Dear Aajonus,   I had the good fortune to attend your lecture and iridology session in Aspen several years ago.  I learned many important things that have served me well, so my deepest thanks.

I also wanted you to know:

1) Your iridology diagnosis revealed a strong source of radioactivity.

You speculated that we might live near a hospital, but I believe there is a different cause:  I wanted you to know that I found out about dental materials as sources of radioactivity, so decided to remove them all my caps and crowns.  I bought a high quality geiger counter, and tested these removed materials, and found out that they indeed were radioactive.  Dr. Solorio in Tijuana, who was trained by Dr. Hulda Clark, removed them, and replaced them with materials that we tested, and they were not radioactive.

2)  You analyzed me with cancerous activity,

which very shortly after turned up on the skin of my nose.  Having now removed the radioactivity from my mouth, the likely cause of the cancer, it has steadily disappeared.  (Assisted with good foods and detoxification, in part guided by you.)

Warm regards,
Ed H.

Washington, D.C.

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