Radiation burn

RADIATION BURN: Topically, applying a poultice made of 1 cup raw coconut cream, unheated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or stone-pressed olive oil, ½ cup fresh raw tomato puree, 1 raw fertile egg and ½ tablespoon of sun-dried powdered clay on radiation burn, covering with a white cotton or silk cloth, for at least 1 hour 4 times daily soothes and promotes healing. Fresh raw aloe vera gel, taken directly from a leaf, may be added to that formula for better results.

Drinking within 4 hours of making a mixture of 15 raw eggs, 2 unripe bananas, and ½ cup unheated honey blended together helps heal and strengthen burned cells. Adding fresh raw aloe vera gel to that recipe improves results. For the rest of the day, eating plenty of raw full-fat milk and honey, or raw fresh unripe fruit and raw fish, and getting plenty of fresh air in the shade soothes and refreshes the body. See Burns, page 235.

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