Premenstrual syndrome

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS): Low pyruvate (protein sugar) level in the blood is the main problem in PMS. Coffee and substances with caffeine, such as sodas, aspirin, and chocolate, irritate glands and nerves, creating toxicity, low blood sugar and irritability. (If you eat or drink a substance with caffeine during PMS, you are likely to hate everyone.) Also, avoiding processed, cooked and even raw sweets (unless it is raw unripe fruit with raw fat) helps prevent hormonal imbalances associated with PMS. Avoid eating cooked meats because, they create too many volatile toxins, drying and irritating the entire body. Women with too high adrenaline levels should eat mostly white raw meats during PMS.

Eating raw unripe fruit, raw green vegetable juices, and unheated honey encourages alkalinity and psychological stability. Drinking fullfat raw milk (when available), and eating fresh raw fish, raw mushrooms, and a diet that is high in raw fat works wonders. Women who get listless during and after menstruation develop a type of anemia during their cycle. Eating plenty of raw meat alleviates that condition. Eating white with red meat helps prevent irritability. For a balanced diet, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12. See Menstrual Cramps, page 290.

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