Pernicious Anemia

PERNICIOUS ANEMIA is the gradual reduction in the numbers of blood cells because the bone marrow fails to produce mature red blood cells. Pernicious anemia most often develops from low blood sugar, usually because of the inability to digest or utilize cooked and processed sugars.

Symptoms: weakness, gastrointestinal problems, sore tongue, sallow skin, and tingling extremities.

Avoid cooked and processed sugars. Eating raw meats, a little raw unripe fruit, and a minimum of ½ cup unheated honey daily supplies the nutrients necessary to reverse that condition. Since many other malfunctions are the result of pernicious anemia, eating small amounts of raw foods every few hours, instead of large meals, keeps the body freshly supplied with nutrients. Eating raw meat, especially beef, at least once daily with a Nut Formula (see page 194) or a little cooked starch with plenty of raw fat inspires healing. When the body begins to have hot flashes, pernicious anemia has begun to reverse. During hot flashes it is beneficial to consume unheated honey in good mineral water, or in raw milk.

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