PARASITES that live in the body are friendly and should be allowed to run their course. They eat weak, damaged and decaying tissue.
Parasites usually occur in individuals lacking enzyme-mutations for eating cooked green and red fruits and vegetables. See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174. Caffeine causes weakening and decaying of tissue.

If you get too weak during a tape worm detoxification, eating plenty of fresh raw onions with meat usually forces a tapeworm to evacuate with feces. Drinking lime juice usually prevents or minimizes any parasite’s ability to reproduce. Avoiding cooked green and cooked red fruits and vegetables (including caffeine) and eating plenty of fresh raw red, orange and green foods, raw vegetable juices, unheated honey and fresh raw lemon juice cleanse the tissues and stop future need for parasites.

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