On Raw Dairy – Milk, Butter, Cream, Cheese – For Over Three Years

[the following is excerpted from a letter to the President of the Board of Health in Denver Colorado:]
“I’ve been on raw dairy–milk, butter, cream, cheese–for over three years now with no adverse effects; in fact, I’m getting healthier. I’ve come to recognize that there is a lot of new, cutting-edge, and crucial information available now on the subject of raw dairy’s health benefits, information that flies in the face of so-called “conventional wisdom” in this body of knowledge. Politics aside, it must be considered to accurately understand the bigger picture of raw dairy concerns.

“The man I’m referring to has been my nutritional coach for 3.5 years.
His name Aajonus Vonderplanitz. He’s not only a brilliant and brave [nutritional] researcher, he’s also lucidly articulate about what he has learned over some 20 years. I’ve attended about a dozen public meetings he’s spoken at and have watched him field hundreds of tough questions from the audience, eloquently and cogently.

Larry K.
originally from San Diego, California

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