Muscular dystrophy

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY is a condition chiefly caused by the lack of enzyme-mutations for eating cooked meat and cooked proteins, resulting in atrophy. Antibiotics and vaccines often cause loss of enzyme-mutations or the inability to produce enzyme-mutations.

Physical therapy in conjunction with hot baths and a diet consisting of plenty of raw eggs, raw meat (including raw fish), raw milk before sleep, and at least ½ cup unheated honey daily has stopped and often reversed degeneration. Drinking raw milk, when available, along with eating raw meat (including raw fish) has helped mineral absorption in this disease. Eating ½ unripe banana with 4-6 tablespoons raw coconut cream and 1½ tablespoons unheated honey helps dissolve hardened muscle cells. Getting as much sunlight as possible without sunblocks (lotions) and without sun glasses speeds the healing processes. See Fresh Air and Sunshine, page 334.

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