Memory loss

MEMORY LOSS AND OTHER SIMPLE MENTAL MALFUNCTIONS: Drinking fresh raw carrot juice or other fresh raw vegetable juices with raw milk, if available, daily, restores mental functions.
Drinking fresh raw ginger root blended in raw juices or grated and eaten with other foods helps to stimulate mental functions. Drinking fresh raw asparagus juice with other vegetable juices helps mental functions. A lot of memory problems result from concentrations of accumulated toxins, especially aluminum from vaccines, cooking utensils, canned food and drinks, and packaging, including aluminum foil. Eating ½-1 cup organic raspberries blended with 4-6 tablespoons raw coconut cream, 1 tablespoon unsalted raw butter, 1½ tablespoons raw dairy cream and 1 tablespoon unheated honey helps remove aluminum from the body. Adding ½ teaspoon clay to that drink increases its effectiveness. If you do not like the taste with clay added to it, you could put the clay in your mouth and wash it down with the raspberry drink. See Clay page 181.
See Hypoglycemia, page 274.

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