From medical drugs to naturally lots of energy

I used to suffer from (re-occuring) Polymyositis and was on steroids (and other medication) for years. Now look at the improvement after being on the diet... I even (a few weeks ago) hiked for 4 hours (lots of climbing) to middleham waterfalls in Domincia! I have lots of energy, am less depressed and most of all do not wake up every day in immense pain. My quality of life is great and I no longer feel like shooting myself for having to start another day.
My girl Vega was ... very anxious and angry all the time. Six months on the diet (for her) we saw Aajonus past February and guess what... no more signs of MS , she's calm, smart, and most of all happy. She even hiked with us!! (she did spent some time in a carrier on my husband's back but still you should have seen her!)
To me Aajonus and his diet are two things I can not discribe with words...
He has certainly put the joy back in our lives!!!
on the island of Antigu

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