Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 28

Day 28 1/9/05

Lazy day. We woke up late. Too late. We started eating breakfast at 11 am. I took a nap afterwards, and then it was 2:30.

I had to let the cows out. The day went by pretty quickly. It took me over an hour to write the diary entry from the previous day. Too tired to write it last night.

I finally ate “intestines and contents” today from a turkey. I chose the turkey over the chicken because the turkey’s livers looked really good, almost dark purple. I figured the intestines would be good too then. The intestines weren’t too bad, the poop inside was pretty gross. I think it made me feel better. I’m pretty sure it did. I had a lot of energy. I think my liver felt better. Can’t wait to leave.

Breakfast was raw unborn egg nog, cheese, hash browns and eggs. Lunch: eggnog, intestines and contents.

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