Living experience on a raw food farm – Day 23

Day 23 1/4/05

I’m tired and exhausted. I worked all day today, helping Albert pack and ship. He does so much; I don’t know what is going to happen when I’m gone.

I talked to that guy Richard today; he orders from Albert, he’s an Aajonus guy. I called him, wanted to hear his experience with the Aajonus or “Raw Everything Diet”. He sounded very satisfied. He’s a tax accountant. Last night he was helping someone prepare for an audit, so he couldn’t talk too long. He was up and bustling around this morning. He said he feels great on the Primal Diet, and he immediately notices the difference when he eats cooked food. He says he feels incredible. When he eats cooked food, he just wants to go and feel incredible again.

Aajonus works in L.A. Every Wednesday, they have a place where people can go and pick up unfrozen raw meat and stuff like that. It’s about ten minutes from my house. I knew it was going to come to this. In order for me to feel how I want to feel, I need to eat an all raw, sometimes rotten food, sometimes poop diet. Paul Pitchford and Chinese Medicine made me feel slightly better, Sally Fallon and Weston Price made me feel a lot better, Aajonus and raw meat is going to make me feel the best. And the epicenter of this diet, is ten minutes from my house. I’m going to call Aajonus tonight and try to set up a consultation with him, it costs $300. My parents won’t understand, they don’t have any money right now, it is something I have to do(1).

I’m going to do a yagya, where I pay monks to pray for wealth, health, whatever I want to come to me or my parents whoever. I’m pretty sure that will work. That costs money too. So $300 for Aajonus, however many hundreds for yagya’s for me and my family, around $500 for a new surfboard, and $100-300 for a new wetsuit and surf accessories. I am thousands of dollars in debt and so are my parents. Someway, it is all going to work out.

When I was talking to Richard, we were talking a little bit about the Weston Price Organization. He said Weston Price is for people who want to look good and aren’t willing to go the whole way. He said Aajonus is for people who want to cut through the bullshit. It’s funny that there is a rivalry between Sally Fallon and Aajonus Vonderplanitz. It’s like the Jets and the Sharks from Westside Story. Albert told me that he was packing an order for a lady who used to be an Aajonus client, now she does Weston Price stuff. I’ve heard of people going from Sally to Aajonus, not vice versa. She was ordering 20 lbs of soup bones and 5 lbs. of knuckle bones. Albert said she has a retarded kid in a wheelchair and it is easier for her to get him to drink broth than eat raw meat. We were sending out tons of meat and organs that were unfrozen. That’s the only way the Aajonus people will eat it. We had liver, veal liver, even thyroid. Albert threw away the testicles, he didn’t have time to save everything.

Someone bought some cave-ripened cheddar today. It has the exact same smell as the manure gutter does in the barn. Super ammonia smell. I showed Albert how to get high off of it. “Put your nose close, breath deep and hold your breath”. I felt dizzy, I don’t know how he felt. We were smelling the cheese, not the poop by the way.

Marie said Lisa was laying on the coach and was calling my name, “Nasan, Nasan.” When I was eating dinner, they kept smiling, laughing and saying my name. I kept saying, “What?” or “Vas? (“what” in German) or I would say their names. They’re whining right now in the other room. They’re sleeping upstairs tonight, Marie says she can’t get them to go to bed otherwise in the living room. The girls really bitch all the time. They really seem to be opening up to me.

For breakfast I had eggs (cooked), hash browns, cheese, sauerkraut. I cooked breakfast today. Lunch was smelly cheese, cream, and honey. Dinner was mashed potatoes, leftover potato soup and beef (cooked). Marie just spanked one or both of them because they would not shut up. They need to be spanked more.

1. This was something that I have struggled with my entire life. I did not want to be a leech on my parents, but something was wrong with me. I had to figure out what that was and it didn’t matter what I had to do to figure it out. I felt bad using my parents for money for the consultation and the juicer, but I felt like I had no choice. I needed to know the truth, no matter what. Why do I always feel like shit? I needed to know. Now I am glad of the decisions that I have made, I have learned that using my parents for their money so I can learn how to be healthy is neither good nor bad, it just “is”. I cannot know the final outcome of these actions, hopefully in the end, it is something that we both can learn and grow from.

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